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if only i could describe to you in words

I finally watched We Jam Econo. Like most things I hold very dear to me (Bukowski and skateboarding being a couple besides punk) I have a hard time embracing people making movies or writing books on my favorite subjects. It usually takes me a long time to watch or read these things, if I do at all.
I grew up on bands like the Minutemen, Born Against and Black Flag so watching this documentary for me hit pretty close to home as these are still the bands I listen to on a daily basis and they still represent to me what punk is.
Listening to Mike Watt talking about getting asked "What do you think about pop punk? and how there's no real punk [nowadays]..." His answer? "Things happen. I don't really fault people. Everybody can't be born at the same time. Some people are born before, some people are born during and some people are born after.. and a lot of that's just circumstance. So what's really, the question is, what is to be done where you're at and how you gonna do it?"
Well, it's hard to explain what this means to me.. it just really means a lot.
(this will lead me to my next post, look out for that one)
Anyway, you should really check this dvd out, even if you have no idea who the Minutemen are. It's about a group of guys with probably the most heart you could ever have.


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