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just for giving a shit about a bunch of rats wearing a lampshade

ok so i don't understand the wayfarer craze.
someone might need to explain it to me.
they do not block out the sun.
they are utterly worthless sunglasses, unless you're just wearing them eating brunch on fairfax in LA on a rainy-no-real-need-for-sunglasses-day but want to look important because kate wears them too.
my boyfriend had a pair his drummer left behind so i tried them out one day while we were driving and then immediately switched back to my Chanel shades when the rays intruded upon my eyes from each side. what's the point of wearing these things, really??
believe me, i understand fashion over function but to be honest, there are far better sunglasses out there than these, especially now that every single person on earth owns a pair.



once a vehicle for outrage now just entertainment packaged tastefully

this kid benny gold took the thrasher logo and transworld's catchphrase and made this epic new shirt and is getting all kinds of good press for it. i'd buy it but i was always a skate and destroy kinda girl..


bit part in a bad movie

Downtown ‘07 photo shoot at Guggenheim


what we know is from the world of soundchecks and gas money

Surface To Air s/s 07 available now. i'm having trouble figuring out which bag i want to buy though.. oh, and here's hoping another Estuay collection hits soon.



shred til you're dead

quite possible the only film i've EVER been dying to see.

Pray For Me the Jason Jessee film
watch and then wait in anticipation here.

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and if i have to spell it out for you, i'll tell you that i'm sweet on

a fun peek into max's garage. well, one of them atleast.

you'll never be more than a footnote to the bullshit

ashley olsen has been running around in my goddamn sunglasses....


you are repressed but you're remarkably dressed

last week my mom joked to me that for her wedding, perhaps i could fix my hair like amy whiiinehouse. not being a fan of hers in any way, shape or form (besides being that i could probably drink with her despite the fact that she might start crying or throwing punches), my boyfriend and i just laughed. then last night, bro'dell posts these photos of a woman from the moz show in riverside.. and suddenly the big hair seems like an interesting idea.


convenient answers and a cheap way out

thanks to the fashion informer for this Chanel ad from friday's WWD.



mount the pavement, lick the pavement clean

Commonwealth has the new aNYthing MOZ shirt that you can't get anywhere else besides the aNYthing shop itself.. luckily i got mine before the smaller sizes sold out..

if i was in ny right now, i'd have been in line buying their new shirts as opposed to the hordes of horrid girls buying some bag that some celebrity has and is a complete throw-away. although picking it up from whole foods and selling it to these geniuses for triple the price might be something i'd consider.

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the things i can cause have the seal of the dead

Ed Templeton has a new book out on Emerica Gold Thread chronicling a skate tour on harleys from Denver to Chicago. Check your local skate shops for a copy or just kick rocks at Autumn on 9th for a couple hours until you can get your hands on one as there were only 2,500 printed.

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blew my cool

chan proves once again that her style is impeccable.

(so i know these photos were taken a couple weeks ago but i've been busy with my boyfriend teaching me to play drums and slide guitar and going on mini-vacations so that's why i'm posting them now..)


they look at danger and they laugh their heads off

ok, so this isn't the post i mentioned would be next last time but that one will come soon.

for a while i've been spying bros on street fashwon web sites with these somewhat leather looking black trousers and i couldn't figure out for the life of me where they got them... until now!
one of my old, old favorites Surface to Air apparently make what may or may not be the jeans in question, but look pretty damn spot on and i really dig them.. so expect to see these paired quite nicely with my westwood pirate boots and an old cramps t-shirt..

Black Coated Cotton Slim Jeans

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