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just for giving a shit about a bunch of rats wearing a lampshade

ok so i don't understand the wayfarer craze.
someone might need to explain it to me.
they do not block out the sun.
they are utterly worthless sunglasses, unless you're just wearing them eating brunch on fairfax in LA on a rainy-no-real-need-for-sunglasses-day but want to look important because kate wears them too.
my boyfriend had a pair his drummer left behind so i tried them out one day while we were driving and then immediately switched back to my Chanel shades when the rays intruded upon my eyes from each side. what's the point of wearing these things, really??
believe me, i understand fashion over function but to be honest, there are far better sunglasses out there than these, especially now that every single person on earth owns a pair.


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