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who the fuck cares so long as you can sleep well

house sitting.. away from an internet connecsh.. be back in a week or so.. going back to pricing range rovers, finding a puppy, drinking champagne and playing house with my boyfriend.

p.s. don't worry lindsay, pete's been through way worse and he's still hanging around.. maybe you should date.. get sober together..

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good old days bound and gagged by sex

one of my all time favorite bands.
and also from whom i get all my post titles from, just in case you ever wondered.


born again as just another product

just in case you still were looking for alexander mcqueen's samsonite luggage, which i never thought to look up online, you can purchase it here.
i personally wouldn't mind picking this one up in black..



i want to bleed their dull lives dry

spent most of the day laying poolside drinking champagne at the hotel, getting epic with my boyfriend in the jacuzzi bathtub & fucking on the balcony. now we have a wedding to go to tomorrow and lots & lots of free booze.

oh and i just found out that fashion week daily published one of my photos... stoked on that.



it's time to count the hides

quite possibly my favorite artist right now is aurel schmidt. i've been watching her for a while now and her drawings are incredible..

but these new burn out faces are absolutely amazing. this piece has to be my absolute fav of hers at this moment.

she also has a pretty wonderful sense of style.

keep an eye out!

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because you'd be wearing your extra large "fuck censorship" t-shirt

so, since those surface to air jeans came out, i've totally found another pair of black wax skinnies that i totally dig and need to get my hands on! (of course!) but could fall come any sooner so i'm not sweating my little ass off in this hot summer heat in these jeans???

Misfit smooth wax finish by Gold Sign $189



see the white wreckage the ones who couldn't afford to leave


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the less articulate heir to a bunch of people who had a purpose

so.. i took two weeks off from the bar.. got a hotel room.. turned 25... saw moz play.. ended up wearing white hi-top vans, grey cheap monday jeans and black junkie aNYthing shirt.. (i'm really into the black grey white wardrobe right now).. then paired these pink juicy shorts my friend got me (sweet 16 style), with dash's rub'n'tug shirt and knee socks and ran around our hotel room drinking jameson, in a bigger high from morrissey than possibly all of my junkie days..

my old (well, same age now) man very early in the morning in our room..

carved my girl gang name into this horrible bar.. giving it some semblance of a fun place to hang out..



once again the battle field is your body

in my, omg what am i going to wear, gear crisis for probably the first and last time of my life, i bought new shoes to possibly wear to go see morrissey. i want to wear my westwood boots but my boyfriend kindly pointed out that although i would look great, i wouldn't want them to get stepped all over and possibly have many things spilled upon them so i reluctantly put them out of the running and have to choose some other footwear. i ended up going with these last minute buys,

which i'm now incredibly stoked on and probably won't take off for a while.

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the tranquility whispers back shut up

bryan ferry just released an album of Dylan covers and it's really pretty good. and i'm not even the biggest roxy music fan but i got it.

this is way better Dylan news than hearing that mary kate & ashley olsen are huge fans of his.


this trash is just a memory that's nursed like stolen whiskey

be sure to drop by Deitch soon to check out dash and dan's real life hamster nest..

thanks Kathy for the phots.

oh and aNYthing now have dash's rub'n'tug collab shirt in the store, so go pick it up. i wore mine at work all day.


in full stereo live action

scott h. biram has got to be one of the only musicians around right now that i like.


this is the tits and the ass so relax kick back get comfortable

found the most amazing bra..

but is $94 too much to pay for this when my boy is just going to tear it off me anyway? or are we thinking this would look good whilst skateboarding along the beachside paired with my rvca boardshorts?



i'll do anything in this godalmighty world if you just let me follow you down

got home tonight after a long and stressful day at the bar, afterwhich my boyfriend took me out to eat sushi and feed me drinks. saturdays are wake up at 5am for work days for him so we each went home after dinner. i got home and walked into my room to find this !

my bedroom covered in 100 balloons, a bookshelf, betsey johnson weekender bag, new bukowski books, french candy, etc etc etc
and i don't turn 25 for another week and a half, for which i took two weeks off work because we're going out of town and actually going to see morrissey play on my birthday. i am, without a doubt, extremely excited.


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