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they eat shit for $5 an hour and just don't make the connections

..on a completely different sidenote than anything i'd ever post on here, ever, this reluctantly happened. i was there, on the first night it opened, when geo invited my friend he was trying to fuck and i and there was no one there and i still never went back. and it seems if there was any integrity involved in the first place, it went right out with the eastpack backpacks ad's so can't everyone stop obsessing over this party already?


version of a beauty that sets the standards for all the runners up

this McQueen dress is so beautiful. $3,905 bravo on this, really.



ease the mind ditch the guilt and alls right

i've been listening to the live recording of Cat Power performing at the Chanel s/s 07 runway show for months and i totally forgot to look up the video of it, until now.

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and she's not afraid of anything and she won't get old and boring

outfits from the last two days.

aNYthing bin laden youth shirt
cheap monday jeans
white hi-top vans

alexander mcqueen skirt
my bf's old danzig shirt
vivienne westwood pirate boots
black tights, not pictured

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don't care about your incentives or your values

so i finally watched Broken Flowers, it took me three days (i'm never home) to do so but we finally finished it this evening. i really dig all of Jarmusch's films (Mystery Train being my favorite) and i already knew the soundtrack was great (Sleep and the Greenhornes w/ Holly Golightly) but upon watching it i found what is quite possibly my dream bike. (please excuse the photo, in my excitement i had to take photos of it on the screen and they're not the best. you can't even see the detail on the seat and how amazing it is.

now i just have to make some serious cash and have Max Schaaf build me something similar and i'm set.

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you've been at the factory for hours

so Mary Kate Olsen's line Elizabeth & James is now being sold at Neiman Marcus. i'd say it's less pricy than The Row (maybe since that is ashley's baby, she believes it's all worth that much?) every piece definitely looks like mary kate would wear it (and it's been widely gossiped that she already has, by copying a vintage dress she owns) and it all seems cute so i'm going to go by tomorrow and see the clothes with my own eyes but right now what i think looks interesting are these purple & pink Minidresses $275..

and these plaid shirts $225..

but really my fav plaid shirt at the moment would have to be from Homeroom, which sells at Digital Gravel who carry about 95% of things i'd never pick up but this shirt was featured and sold out immediately, so hopefully they have another run on it because i'd surely snatch it up.. $91

and while i'm talking about plaid, hellz bellz new plaid purple jacket is also pretty amaze looking.. i don't really dig the pockets on the back which obvs serve no purpose but the cut is great and for only $150 you can't really beat it..


part of our indoctrination no one seems to question

these new Westwood heels are amazing. i can already picture them buckled on over tights or my black jeans.

of course, i wouldn't trade my pirate boots in for them but they'd be great in my wardrobe.
going to look into sales and prices later.

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stop trying to sell me on class welfare

pretty much stoked on this new Surface To Air leather wallet.. $78..

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in black & white and red all over

not entirely sure what i think of this McQ leather vest... still making my mind up.. $858


i heard they're a bunch of spoiled little rich kids

youtube is fucked because once i get to my laptop, there's nothing i can really think of that i wanna watch. so my friend sent me a link to this video and i got so stoked because i never would have thought to look for it.



no need for boredom we've got real life adventure

Rick Owens obviously wants to ruin my life.

seriously. that or he just wants me to shell out all my hard earned money for his clothing. and you know what, this jacket almost seems worth the $2,445 (and i am definitely liking this coat way more than the $5,000 Chanel one i posted last week). the cut of the arms alone is killing me. how much more perfect could this get? throw on my westwood pirate boots, tight black jeans and favorite ann demeulemeester tank and i'm so fucking set.

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break the monotony of falling into rank

picked up these headphones today from WESC. i am almost always listening to my ipod at work or skating and for $30 i figured why not.
spent the rest of the day playing drums & guitar and writing songs with my boyfriend. we recorded a Nico song a few weeks ago and i learned "moon river" on the ukelele last week.



where's your anger? where's their body count?

if you've never heard this song before you're been seriously missing out..
quite possibly one the best 7"'s i own.



kill your head

every so often i check the cobra web site to catch flicks of my friends at random shit parties, so i spied it this morning and wtf! where did this chick get this patti smith t-shirt??

if anyone knows please feel free to pass the word on to me.


share your victory over sin & death

if you haven't got a copy of the new Fashion Rocks, i have to say there is atleast one reason you should pick it up.

there is an interview with two of my favorite women on earth, Ann Demeulemeester & Patti Smith. seriously. i was just skimming through the mag at work and then suddenly in between amy winehouse and silly bands that all sound the same, there pops up a photo of Ann & Patti sitting in front of a cafe in Paris (where the two always meet up) and I suddenly got so excited! so go find the issue yourself and read and hope that for the rest of your life (or career) you have a muse as great as these women provide for each other.

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amount to a whole lot less than what you threw away

there aren't that many bags that i am crazy about. Pierre Hardy is a current favorite. (whom i found nine west tried to copy but failed miserably)

but besides this wonderful Hardy bag, i recently became obsessed with this Prada shoulder bag.

as i normally prefer the Miu Miu bags, i've been lusting after this Prada one now, which i came across two months ago. i haven't asked the price or any details yet because i know once i find out, it will make my tiny obsession even worse. but we're all in agreement that it looks amazing with whatever i'm wearing.. so couldn't i use the same logic as before?



a place where they'll take your life on credit

here is another brand taking a stab at the leather-looking/coated/pvc/etc trousers..

Superfine / sly black gloss / $320

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maybe a few tales from warmer climates where we were once paid well

so when we're out shopping (every wednesday is usually my day of nothing but), i never go in Chanel. i've bought my sunglasses and a few other things from them but i usually stay out of the store because it's easy for me to spend a lot of money there when i really know i shouldn't. so yesterday one of my bartenders came out with my boyfriend & i and once we came upon the store, she (naturally) wanted to go inisde and shop. so of course we do and i immediately see a pair of amazing buckled, patent leather, quilted black heels. fuck. we continue looking and i spy the most incredible omg are you serious black leather jacket. i decide to try both of them on. they jacket fits wonderfully and my boyfriend remarks how much he'd like me in just the heels.

and then comes the time i have to part with both of them as the shoes retail at $750 and the jacket, sadly & unfortunately, rings up at about $4789. but i'll have my eyes open for their next sale (which is reason enough to continue to go back in the store)..

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a bullet in the head for my indiscretions

a new issue of The Journal is out soon!

if you haven't read The Journal before it pretty much puts most magazines around to shame (to be fair, i am quite fond of ANP, V & Jalouse [although i'd like to overlook that they put the cobra snake chick on this months cover!]) so if you haven't read it before it'd be wise to pick it up finally. this issue kathy grayson (who took the above photo) has a huge piece on some amazing artists not to mention every article inside is seriously worth reading... and how often do you find that?



has the backlash even started the way the shit was coated

every summer my gang the GNARGOYLES gets together in the woods in maine for ROBSTOCK.
there is so much epic shit going on each time that it's hard to put it all into words.

so here are some places you can see photos from said situaish.
and soon and


never not working

something i love on the Worship Worthy blog is "The Confessional." every so often they feature a new girl on there who is up to so much epic business it's like watching the devil wears prada and going oh shit look what else i could be doing as to loose more sleep. they've already featured Boatwright and Amy from KCDC, two girls who i think are so totally killer. i'd nominate Kathy Grayson & Anna Sheffield next for sure.

jameson rocks then zzzzzzz...



banished to the margin

update on the short list of people who've actually worn the balenciaga gold plated leggings, you can now add gareth pugh trying on terrence's (thanks to alex logsdail)...

and then terrence wearing them a day later, clearly letting the knees rip.. which i think is wonderful!


all decisions are final, your body is forbidden

so, fuck yeah! Cheap Monday, whose jeans i've been wearing for a little over two years now, are totally coming out with black pvc trousers!

now as anyone who's looked at my blog before, knows i'm into the jeans that have this look so you'd understand how stoked i am that Cheap Monday are producing these pants and for only $70! i can't wait to get my hands on them.
which reminds me, La Garconne have the CM inverted cross monkey skull logo t-shirt for $20 that you could pick up if the jeans aren't your style..

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they worked we swallowed them down deep

these new Rockers NYC shirts are fucking good!
there's a sample sale going on right now on their web site until the sixth, buy one spring 07 shirt and get another shirt from 06 free! you gotta check this out because you cannot fail with one of their shirts....

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i am the wallride

most definitely one of my favorite bands from the last few years has got to be S.T.R.E.E.T.S.
no, not the english m.c. mike skinner but in fact the infamous band whose individual letters stand for Skateboarding Totally Rules Everything Else Totally Sucks and sound like gnarlitude materialized, short fast & loud, epic skate and drinking songs that make you instantly want to grab your board and shred.

unfortunately they broke up last summer but now guitarist James Gnarwell has started a new band by the name of Bison who are totally ripping! check them out here and go listen to S.T.R.E.E.T.S. if you haven't heard them before because you're fucking severely missing out.

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a lazy fist smashing teeth

Claw Money.. 16yrs bombing buildings and now a shoe with Nike. hmmmm... i like that she's the first woman to design for them but i still don't think i could ever wear 'em. don't get me wrong, i have numerous pairs of sneakers (all of them are Vans) but i still can't pick up a pair of Nike's. whether it has to do with my crust punk youth "morals" (fuck nike) or just the fact that i don't find any of their kicks that attractive, i'm not sure.

i like her sneaks though. bummer. you can find them at Dave's Quality Meat.

personally, i'd pick up these black perforated Vans slip-ons.

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there's no gate at the front of these camps

sevs house in home & garden..

i dig all the moz stuff she has, as expected.


the man gives what she needs mister beautifier

Michelle at KOS posted these Vagabond shoes the other day and it's bumming me out because, apparently being in the US, i cannot purchase them!

there's got to be some way i can get my hands on these!

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the ones who couldn't afford to leave

i'm back... with lots of new fancy knickers from agent provocateur. and a big smile on my (& my boyfriends) face.

going swimming now! real updates later!
oh yeah, congrats to dash on having a kid...

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