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maybe a few tales from warmer climates where we were once paid well

so when we're out shopping (every wednesday is usually my day of nothing but), i never go in Chanel. i've bought my sunglasses and a few other things from them but i usually stay out of the store because it's easy for me to spend a lot of money there when i really know i shouldn't. so yesterday one of my bartenders came out with my boyfriend & i and once we came upon the store, she (naturally) wanted to go inisde and shop. so of course we do and i immediately see a pair of amazing buckled, patent leather, quilted black heels. fuck. we continue looking and i spy the most incredible omg are you serious black leather jacket. i decide to try both of them on. they jacket fits wonderfully and my boyfriend remarks how much he'd like me in just the heels.

and then comes the time i have to part with both of them as the shoes retail at $750 and the jacket, sadly & unfortunately, rings up at about $4789. but i'll have my eyes open for their next sale (which is reason enough to continue to go back in the store)..

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