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this mental space is occupied and everything is mine

if you haven't heard them before, i don't know why you've gone this long without listening to this band. a few years ago i was staying in Memphis for a few months with some friends and was lucky enough to be there for the Oblivians halloween reunion show. i ran into people i had met in different cities on tour for years, all here for this one night. they fucking blew everyone away and it really was one of the best shows i've ever seen.


we were running for the money and the flesh

i was introduced to rita ackermann's work a couple years ago and i have loved her ever since. the demented & dirty girls are some of my favorites, not to mention rita herself has such amazing style. interesting side note, that is also her band Angelblood whose videos i posted before. who coincidently have some of my favorite album covers ever..



let the other selves be rung; let them manifest and come

another batch of new RockersNYC shirts to try on for size.. the kilimanjaro (left, love it) & annihilation (right, which is a pretty epic misfits looker). don't sleep on these!!


though every thread is torn

Superfine has made yet another pair of black gloss skinnies.
atleast this pair was made for women this time around. $227

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christ airs in the shallow!

if i smoked or my boyfriend skated, i'd probably get this ashtray from Independent cause it's pretty fucking funny. maybe a good gift for Drehobl? or was this his idea? $24


i listen all night for your step on the stair

I love Keep Company shoes. they are perfect beach shoes for me (i've always worn my leather & purple checked vans slip-ons) and good to throw on when my boyfriend surprises me with secret adventure trips. not only are they very reasonably priced and have a wide selection, i've liked them for years and i know there is a lot of heart behind them.

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say it kills you but they don't tell you when

didn't anyone else read Please Kill Me? Debbie Harry flat out says she was given huge bags of coke before her shows (which makes absolutely no sense, if you've ever done coke and know how dry it makes your throat thus making singing something vomit inducing) so why is it such a surprise that the likes of kate or lindsay or even pete and a million others in the fame industry are into it? what are you going to do, turn it down? well, yes, if you're debbie harry, who gave the yayo to her friends instead of spending the rest of the night sniffing it only to have a shitty come down in the end (inevitable no matter how good it is, you're still laying in bed/going to work grinding your teeth) but you really think anyone is going to turn it down now? fuck no. i haven't touched it in probably a year, along with the other shit i used to be a huge fan of. but can you really blame them for fucking up on the stuff? and sending a 21 year old to rehab is just stupid. that's way too young to give up everything unless they're the strongest person in the world. anyone that's ever had a junkie boyf/gf/friend knows they won't get well unless they plan on not going back to the same life they lead before. it's been said a thousand times over but get tough or die, really. thanks Jezebel for this post making me spout off on this.



whatever you give me, i seem to need so much more

i've never ridden one of their boards but these new "jailbait series" Think decks are pretty funny... i'd defs pick linds to shred.


ever get the feeling you've been cheated?

a friend of mine showed me this last week and it's something i never would have thought to look up on youtube, the very last Sex Pistols show. ok so i had their album when i was 15 and had a huge crush on Sid Vicious but what punk girl didn't? anyway what makes this video interesting is that not only is it the last song they ever played but that it's a Stooges song! although, appropriately, 'No Fun' seems to sum up what they became.


dress rehearsal rag

not sure what to think of this McQ dress. made from acetate-viscose, it keeps its shape perfectly, unlike what you think it will do and the two together made for a unthinkable by looking at it, comfortable dress.. however, it may be like the Kate Moss Topshop one shoulder dress, wherein i don't think it will really on too many women. $339



are we moving towards some transcendental moment?

these Josh Goot leggings are pretty hot but maybe not as heated as the latex leggings seen on just about everyone for the last six months of summer. for $156 (shimmer, left) & $91 (mesh, right) i can definitey see wearing either of these with my pirate boots, black v-neck shirt and this Ann Demeulemeester waistcoat. i am sooo incredibly stoked on the vest.....


i spent my hatred everyplace, on every work on every face

spent my vacation shopping a little but mostly went out to the woods to visit my bf's old guitarist and hang out & relax. throughout the days we played & recorded music, spent hours riding motorcycles, shooting guns & etcetera. (that's my boyfriend firing the rifle he got for his birthday last year.) got back late last night and am enjoying the rest of my days off before i start work again next week.

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with a collar of leather and nails

really like these simple looks from Sophomore.
check out their look book for other cute pieces (and photos in which jen brill looks effortlessly beautiful).

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there's plenty of places to hide when you are looking to be lost

on vacation. did a bit of shopping at Kiki De Montparnasse and i think i'll wear my garter tank the entire time!

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good intentions force my head into the shit

went by Zara today to see if maybe this leather dress Susie posted about was there, which it unfortunately wasnt (i should have known since i was there last week).. however i did (finally!) find a new bag i adore! i quite like things perforated (and i love patent leather), like my last bag i picked up from H&M in Berlin last year which was purple, which i've worn whilst the pvc is chipping off (i have to agree with Daphne Guinness on bags here) but anyway for $60 i think this bag was a steal and i was happy to see it was the last one in the shop! (btw obvs photographed later at the guitar shop with my boyf.)

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as a cue to the gun permit

ok so how fucking good are these Jenne O boots? at $936 i'd say they're well worth it.



and if you act fast we promise you won't feel the pain

i read about the Black Velvet cocktail in one of Jefferson Hack's columns and was intrigued as BV is also the brand of whiskey my boyfriend prefers. after checking it out, turns out that it's a drink made up of Guinness and champagne! i love champagne but am not the biggest Guinness (or beer) fan, however the mix of the two sounded great. and as it turns out, it was! very smooth and for me it was a big enough drink that i was well buzzed by the time we made our way back into the sun from the dark bar.
btw check out how good the quality is on the iphone camera..


shout down the past

spied these Daryl K. leggings (left) the other day and i'm thinking these are an affordable option to that of the Row (right).
(yes i know the Row pair are considered trousers but who do you know that is really differentiating leggings and pants these days?)
you can get them here for $275.


as advertised from a bullhorn

oddly enough, Apple has a great feature on Surface To Air. it details how S2A love their mac's but also delves into their boutique, designs and how they began. as you know, i love S2A and think this is great press for them. you can watch the video of it here.


we're going to kill you, bulldozed with dollar bills

loving my new ksubi jeans. worn with aNYthing junkie whammy shirt (& then black singlet racer later) and my westwood boots.
for a girl who almost predominately wears black, this flamingo pink color has suddenly, over the last few months, caught my eye and i've slowy been buying pieces of this shade (racer from f21, shorts from juicy and now these jeans). they are probably the brightest things in my wardrobe but when i saw them initially, i thought about them all day and knew i had to go back for them.
p.s. should i blame the sudden interest in things this pink to being very in love? hmmmmm



the dead just don't know it yet

i finally got my hands on this record. lemmy & wendy doing the song "Stand By Your Man" on the a side and the b side covering each others songs. Motorhead have been one of my favorite bands for a very long time and the cover of the tammy wyynette song has got to be ranked right up there with when Girlschool collaborated with them for the St. Valentines Day Massacre e.p. anyway, if you haven't heard the song, e-mail me and i'll totally send you it cause you're really missing out.

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should I pursue a path so twisted, should I crawl defeated and gifted

the new Agent Provocateur line featuring Maggie Gyllenhaal is out now. they have a new little game & video set up which can keep you entertained for a while, set up like a choose yr own adventure deal and a lot of new pieces availalble. my favorite is "Eleanor" because it totally reminds me of these cute knickers i got from f21 that are black mesh with little black hearts on them, only these are slightly more expensive.

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no bells toll when lights dim

absolutely loving these leggings from Patrik Rzepski!!


their own brains and soaked in blood

for those of you in LA, do not skip this! opening sept 22nd at Peres Projects LA.


just you wait, this is how it starts

Sevs asked a bunch of her friends to model her Opening Ceremony collection and what you see above are the results of the collaboration, Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony.


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