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the dead just don't know it yet

i finally got my hands on this record. lemmy & wendy doing the song "Stand By Your Man" on the a side and the b side covering each others songs. Motorhead have been one of my favorite bands for a very long time and the cover of the tammy wyynette song has got to be ranked right up there with when Girlschool collaborated with them for the St. Valentines Day Massacre e.p. anyway, if you haven't heard the song, e-mail me and i'll totally send you it cause you're really missing out.

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When I was really, really young, like 7, (back in 1980), my neighbour gave me a copy of Ace Of Spades and I LOVED it. I still have a soft spot for Lemmy...
God, you bring back so many memories of my youth! Wendy O was always in Kerrang! magazine I seem to recall.
AWESOME old pic! I miss Wendy O! She was fiery!
oh I am in awwwww at the picture alone. Could you please email me the song ?

-JR Ewing of Seattle
OMG that photo is genius. I would love a copy of the song.
steph at

you rock
sent both of you the song from yousendit.. hope it worked..
That is a beautiful cover, was that an import 45?
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