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say it kills you but they don't tell you when

didn't anyone else read Please Kill Me? Debbie Harry flat out says she was given huge bags of coke before her shows (which makes absolutely no sense, if you've ever done coke and know how dry it makes your throat thus making singing something vomit inducing) so why is it such a surprise that the likes of kate or lindsay or even pete and a million others in the fame industry are into it? what are you going to do, turn it down? well, yes, if you're debbie harry, who gave the yayo to her friends instead of spending the rest of the night sniffing it only to have a shitty come down in the end (inevitable no matter how good it is, you're still laying in bed/going to work grinding your teeth) but you really think anyone is going to turn it down now? fuck no. i haven't touched it in probably a year, along with the other shit i used to be a huge fan of. but can you really blame them for fucking up on the stuff? and sending a 21 year old to rehab is just stupid. that's way too young to give up everything unless they're the strongest person in the world. anyone that's ever had a junkie boyf/gf/friend knows they won't get well unless they plan on not going back to the same life they lead before. it's been said a thousand times over but get tough or die, really. thanks Jezebel for this post making me spout off on this.


I loved "Please Kill Me" :-)
I loved that book! Altough, as I am Spanish, it was called "Por favor, matame". :)
About that too young starlets doing drugs... as long as they still seem pretty and keep on having fun, I don't thing they really can find a reason to give it up!
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