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still totaling the countless hidden victims

i wasn't stoked on the top shop kate moss situaish because none of the clothes interested me that much. however this new collection has a couple leather jackets that i'd maybe be inclined to at least try on. i really like the first one and the longer cut (but maybe just because it reminds me a bit of of my fav Rick Owens jacket.) the second one would be so good if it weren't cropped. i'm not the biggest fan of cropped anything because i think it just looks silly on most people. (like when Luella for Target hit, i was so excited about her leather jacket but then once i went and tried it on, the cut was so short! maybe it's my height but i just like a good fit!) anyway, i know everyone is looking for the perfect leather jacket and i'd have to say, for the price, the first coat could totally be seen on lots of girls this winter over a black hoodie.

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