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they come and they call and they fall on the floor

every single look in this video i would wear. way to fucking go, The Row. i'm glad to see them actually putting themselves out there unlike when they debuted and you could maybe find it hidden on a floor in barneys. anyway, these trousers specifically i think i'm going to look into picking up, whenever they're available, because they are really amazing. i also wouldn't mind the french seam tank show here either. oh btw the video is pretty great too (the music is kinda no good at the end but whatev).


Thanks for pointing it out! I'm going to link to you!
looks good, but still it doesn't explain the garments being extremely overpriced
OH. MY. GOD. Those actually ROCK.
Note to self: must lose 7lbs to look that good in latex...
Yes, that video was pretty cool, and man so many things captured my heart. The blazers & the opening sweater. The styling was really great.

Now why does it have to be so darn expensive?
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