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a lot of obnoxious characters work their way into immortality

my friend Wes is putting out a book written by my friend Max that i am so excited about. i've heard more stories from Max than are possibly in this book, however, details can be forgotten and he is such an amazing writer that i couldn't pass up getting a copy. titled Indestructible Wolves of the Apocalypse Junkyard, Max leads you through NY in the early 80's spraying blood on bedroom ceilings and through a whirlwind of illicit sex, bad times drugs and loads of run-ins with every motherfucker you don't wanna meet. it has a limited print of 500 copies and is avaible for pre-order for $23.

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and when the morning came we were sick but not ill

so i've decided to go as a Rock'N'Roll Nurse for Halloween tonight. eyes surrounded with red/orange/yellow/black makeup, typical black jean skirt/black shirt/black tights/new jacket (this is my way of getting out of dressing up seriously) surgeons mask and luckily i still have a stash of syringes, which i'm going to fill up with fake blood and shoot at all my friends. i went over this costume with some friends last night and they commented that besides the mask, i'm basically a junkie then? which yeah that's true, considering i'll be over wearing the mask after about 5 minutes. ok, so, i'm basically going to be myself for halloween but RNR Nurse sounds way cooler.
(and yeah it's a shit video of the Dolls but there were no Compulsive Gamblers RNR Nurse videos on youtube, which is what initially led to me being called a RNR nurse. last year at our halloween party, some of my friends ended up with pretty gnar open wounds while they were on acid and i begrudgingly took care of them.)

interesting side note, this is my friend andy's halloween costume.

every year he seems to outdo himself and this year was no different. oh and seeing as there are lots of Melbourne, AUS people consistently reading my blog, maybe you know Andy? he's let on that he's dated nearly every girl in the city and possibly surrounding..


we're desperate

speaking of leather jackets, on their web site, X (the band) have this killer jacket for those who can't find that amazing leather but still want that rnr look..

the Los Angeles in a bit much, like maybe Kat Von D would be really into it, however, it can be overlooked (or covered up) for this jacket which is only $99.


my little famous bleeding elbows

grabbed this jacket yesterday at Forever 21. i don't buy their clothes too often but this was too amazing to pass up, especially for the cheap price of $39. oh and even with with my total dislike for anything cropped, i am totally stoked on this jacket. buy it today or it will be gone tomorrow. (they also have it in a slate grey color but the black is so classic.)



gonna get low down, gonna get keyed up

gave the old man another birthday gift, the braces i bought from urbn. he was quite stoked and keeps hinting he can't wait til xmas [to give me what i think is a very excitable meaningful gift]. yesterday in between work, i lined him up a massage at my friends spa, a hotel suite at a friends hotel and bought him the biggest handle bottle of Jameson available. his birthday can't come quick enough.

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they tap their toes but they don't get sweaty

Anna Joy was the singer of the first punk bands record i ever bought, Blatz. she became one of my main influences whilst growing up and at one point i was dating a very well known writer friend of hers from SF and on one stretch of time when we weren't on tour, she ended up coming down to visit on vacation from her new gig teaching feminism in RI. one night in the kitchen while i washed the dishes and Aaron sorted through his mail, someone put on a Jawbreaker tape and we all shared lots of amazing stories. my favorite story was Anna was hitchhiking in LA to get back to Oakland and Exene Cervenka pulled over and picked her up. X being one of my favorite bands ever (and hers) it was amazing to hear the story, so i could only imagine how stoked she was when she realized who had just offered her a lift.



here's somethin' you might like to try

what's funny is i really only own like 12 pairs of shoes, so all the shoe posts i have amuse me.. i guess i'm really into them when they're aesthetically pleasing.. anyway, i am in love with these sneakers i saw in the sept issue of Jalouse. they are made by Spring Court and come in a variety of different colors, the hot pink being my absolute favorite. i am trying to find them online and am having no luck so if anyone knows where they are being held captive, could you please let me know? i am so into perforated accessories and seeing as i'm so not a fan of nikes, this pair i spotted on nitro:licious a while back were visually appealing but i could never bring myself to wear them.


dawn comes soon enough for the working class

it seems funny to be obsessed with something so common and whatevs but i'm totally into this water right now. it's called Sei Water (pronounced Say) and the shape of the bottle is meant to resemble a flask. i'm sure a lot of you carry water with you all the time and lately i've been into buying smart water (because i drink water like craze, i just like the big size bottle right now as to refill it for work each day). i'm very into packaging and their design really appeals to me. and just think how perfect it will fit in my purse day to day or in my back pocket. anyway, i bought a bunch of bottles, small medium and large and think i'm definitely going to stick to this water for a while. (plus it won't hurt to pour Patron silver in the bottle every so often to sneak into a bar where a shot is upwards of $15.)

and drink fizzy booze from your shoes

so the famed Chanel heels i've been lusting after are listed on ebay for $500. i'm having a total dilemma on whether or not i should buy them. in the shop they are $750 and that's not including tax and whether or not they have the monochrome black ones, which are the pair listed on ebay. i don't use ebay a lot, besides buying a westwood skirt and an agent provocateur bra that was sold out. both times i had good luck so i'm not weary about it being ebay but if i will wear the heels enough... (they'll make me about 6'2, which is always nice..)

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the bird's the word and do you know why?

great new Moz shirt available from Digital Gravel by Temple Effectives (another new street wear brand ???).. in the long run i don't think it's for me, however i can think of a few of my friends/readers who'd be into it.. and for $31 it's a great deal.


got my own ideas about the righteous kick

i can't even wrap my mind around how incredible these Stella McCartney over the knee boots would look on. paired with the most amazing black mini-skirt and sheer black v-neck top. at $965 they are quite expensive, however, at my current stance of 5'11" they'd make my legs look even longer, not to mention make me that much taller with the exquisite stilleto heel.


blow up your mind

all morning just rtx.


she got the wiggle hip sway hypno sex ray

absolutely loving these new patent oxfords from Repetto! at $215 they are so worth it. i actually have on a grey deep v-neck AA tee and pink ksubi jeans and would be so into pairing these shoes with my outfit right now! perhaps i should buy them now and wear this all again in week..



let me lift up this edge and let me take a peek

very excited to hear Stella McCartney has teamed up with huge NZ knickers company Bendon, to launch a lingerie collection slated for release in january 2008. that black garter belt! the purple mesh bra! i cannot wait. it's Stella, so you can really only expect the best.

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some girl drew a crowd by what she didn't wear

Halloween is like the only holiday we celebrate. last year i was sort of a black metal biker motherfucker with corpse paint and blood coming from my mouth and nose (which at the time wasn't really an act) but this year i still haven't decided..

i spotted this girl dressed up like the broad from the Night Porter in the NY art parade (kathy took the phot). i really dig the costume and how no one would get it (and that i already have the nazi garb thanks to some old lady selling her books with swazi patches hidden inside them to my friends book store.) i also really like this woman in a store window that i think Diane posted a while ago.. but reworking it a little.. and lastly, a total cop out would be these day of the dead masks and the same rnr look as per usual. a look usually comes together and what we're raelly looking forward to is spraying all our friends with the blood guns we made. (found a couple bottles of fake blood and bought a super soaker from the $1 store and thus we have been causing a ruckus all over town since last halloween.)



mixin' metalflake with a jet propeller

you know, who needs a custom built motorcycle when i could have this Chanel bicycle for a mere $8,800..
it will be available in Chanel boutiques come december.. hmmmmmmm.....


you can keep the rewards, i'd just as soon stay sick

it's been a long week of almost non stop work at the bar and fitting in just a few hours of sleep. wrapped up today at 5 and promptly picked up a bottle of Patron that i plan on delving into later this evening watching Candy & Easy Rider (both for like the 20th time).

saw Cat Power play the other night, which was amazing.
i have watched the Chanel show of hers a couple times and got the recorded mp3 version of it also and she ended up playing most of the songs from that show and lots of new stuff, including a tina turner cover which was incredible. a lot of young kids were there and talking to my friends little sister, they had all hoped for old songs & remarked they did not like the newer ones that much. it pleased me to no end that she did not play anything old at all. her band is made up of a couple guys from some phenomenal bands, Dirty (Dirty 3) Delta (Delta 72) Blues (Jon Spencer Blues Explosion) Band and they were amazing. the opening band, Dex Romweber duo were a huge surprise and totally ripping rockabilly R'N'R shit! they were probably the first band i've seen in a super long time that was just as good as the band they were opening for.

what i ended up wearing to the show.
Ksubi glam rock tee
old black skinny jeans
Westwood pirate boots

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i savored many foriegn kinds of delicacies

seriously how much do you love these Lanvin flats?? at $525 they'd damn well be worth it.

i also wouldn't mind throwing everything i carry around into this bag of theirs either.. $1,995.

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all women are bad

i've never been a Fendi fan, not that i don't dig their clothes, just that they're not usually on my radar, you know right? so the great wall of china show was obviously something i had to check out. some of the looks were great and seemed wearable once you add something to them (the looks behind the red tulle dress seemed to appeal the most to me). btw julia restoin roitfeld (first left) looked incredible as always.

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i told you when i came i was a stranger

what i have to listen to this early in the morning to wake up for work.



in the rings of her silk, in the hinge of her thighs

love these looks from Lover. Susien Chong is a really amazing designer and i've long been a fan of her clothing. the Black Rose Army & Black Magik collections were my favorites and knowing the designers you like are influenced by the same things as you, always keeps you stoked on them. of course the bathing suits aren't so useful right now to those of us in the states, all the lovely aussie girls will get to take full advantage of them right now. btw they also have cute tips on how to achieve the hair styling in their look book as you click through.


just some grateful faithful woman's favourite singing millionaire

listen to this once and try to not get it stuck in your head all day long.


the veins stand out like highways all along your wrist

opening tonight at Rivington Arms. the last time i was there was for Hanna Liden's show, who coincidentally is one of my favorite artists and is behind my one and only tattoo. i can't even begin to explain why i love her photos so much but the post-apocalyptic setups she uses are so incredibly amazing.


don't try to use me or slyly refuse me

Ooga Booga in LA offers a wide selections of products. anything you are looking for from your favorite artist or epic new designer, they seem to carry. it just so happens they not only have some aNYthing Madfits t-shirts left in medium. (in this day while everyone you know runs around in the crimson ghost mistfits shirt, try this on for size.) and great No Age shirts. they also stock Andrew Kuo googly eye Moz shirts that would probably be hilarious to run around in. you can find lots of this online but also be sure to drop by the store [for one of their infamous punk shows].

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dance me to the dark side

new aNYthing shirts now available. i really dig the one on the left in white. you can find yours at the shop on Hester st. or at the score.



there is no comfort in the covens of the witch

Ninette Van Kamp is this amazing designer from the Netherlands whose lingerie pieces are meant to mix pleasure and pain, known as Souffrez Pour Moi (Suffer For Me).

She's not only designed this amazing mesh bra with beautiful feathers but also a pair of black knickers embroidered and embedded with tiny black stones made up to form one large pattern and which eventually will brand the body (obviously not permanently) by pressing into the skin.

needless to say, i am withoutadoubt very interested in finding out where her collection is being sold..


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