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and when the morning came we were sick but not ill

so i've decided to go as a Rock'N'Roll Nurse for Halloween tonight. eyes surrounded with red/orange/yellow/black makeup, typical black jean skirt/black shirt/black tights/new jacket (this is my way of getting out of dressing up seriously) surgeons mask and luckily i still have a stash of syringes, which i'm going to fill up with fake blood and shoot at all my friends. i went over this costume with some friends last night and they commented that besides the mask, i'm basically a junkie then? which yeah that's true, considering i'll be over wearing the mask after about 5 minutes. ok, so, i'm basically going to be myself for halloween but RNR Nurse sounds way cooler.
(and yeah it's a shit video of the Dolls but there were no Compulsive Gamblers RNR Nurse videos on youtube, which is what initially led to me being called a RNR nurse. last year at our halloween party, some of my friends ended up with pretty gnar open wounds while they were on acid and i begrudgingly took care of them.)

interesting side note, this is my friend andy's halloween costume.

every year he seems to outdo himself and this year was no different. oh and seeing as there are lots of Melbourne, AUS people consistently reading my blog, maybe you know Andy? he's let on that he's dated nearly every girl in the city and possibly surrounding..


Never a truer word was uttered re: Ragged Andy!
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