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dawn comes soon enough for the working class

it seems funny to be obsessed with something so common and whatevs but i'm totally into this water right now. it's called Sei Water (pronounced Say) and the shape of the bottle is meant to resemble a flask. i'm sure a lot of you carry water with you all the time and lately i've been into buying smart water (because i drink water like craze, i just like the big size bottle right now as to refill it for work each day). i'm very into packaging and their design really appeals to me. and just think how perfect it will fit in my purse day to day or in my back pocket. anyway, i bought a bunch of bottles, small medium and large and think i'm definitely going to stick to this water for a while. (plus it won't hurt to pour Patron silver in the bottle every so often to sneak into a bar where a shot is upwards of $15.)

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