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what's funny is i really only own like 12 pairs of shoes, so all the shoe posts i have amuse me.. i guess i'm really into them when they're aesthetically pleasing.. anyway, i am in love with these sneakers i saw in the sept issue of Jalouse. they are made by Spring Court and come in a variety of different colors, the hot pink being my absolute favorite. i am trying to find them online and am having no luck so if anyone knows where they are being held captive, could you please let me know? i am so into perforated accessories and seeing as i'm so not a fan of nikes, this pair i spotted on nitro:licious a while back were visually appealing but i could never bring myself to wear them.


Spring Courts are almost impossible to find in NYC! MY bf got a pair like, five years ago, and that's the last time they made an appearance. I'll keep my eye out... he got his at an East side shop, over by Elizabeth.
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