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i remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel

as expected, i loved the looks Vivienne Westwood sent down her runway today. there aren't many detail shots online so forgive me for the reach here (until tomorrow when i will probably post more) but these two are my favorites. ..more added now and how amazing is it that every girl down that runway looked just like Westwood herself?

the wildly tousled hair and cute tight shirt with fringey hot pants with pink tube socks. (i couldn't resist and went ahead and bought a pack of the pink tubesocks today from AA.)

secondly, the pink pvc leggings are so hot! i showed my boyfriend (who fancies the pvc/latex look and thoroughly enjoys when i buy new pieces made up of it) and he agreed that i should track them down. i don't have a dress quite as extraordinary as the one photographed, however it will look great with my Westwood pirate skirt and maybe some moto boots? we'll see but so far i've already got the tousled hair down pact!

more more.. love love love..


I was so thrilled by those pink leggings, I had mention them on my blog!
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