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some girl drew a crowd by what she didn't wear

Halloween is like the only holiday we celebrate. last year i was sort of a black metal biker motherfucker with corpse paint and blood coming from my mouth and nose (which at the time wasn't really an act) but this year i still haven't decided..

i spotted this girl dressed up like the broad from the Night Porter in the NY art parade (kathy took the phot). i really dig the costume and how no one would get it (and that i already have the nazi garb thanks to some old lady selling her books with swazi patches hidden inside them to my friends book store.) i also really like this woman in a store window that i think Diane posted a while ago.. but reworking it a little.. and lastly, a total cop out would be these day of the dead masks and the same rnr look as per usual. a look usually comes together and what we're raelly looking forward to is spraying all our friends with the blood guns we made. (found a couple bottles of fake blood and bought a super soaker from the $1 store and thus we have been causing a ruckus all over town since last halloween.)


LOVE the Night Porter look.
The second image is amazing, can't take my eyes off it.
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