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thanks for the trouble you took from her eyes

stepped out tuesday to pick up a bottle of Black Orchid perfume and wound up buying this Marc by Marc watch too. also found a perfect pink cardigan at urban (that i wore yesterday with a black Samhain t-shirt, black cheap monday jeans and moto boots). after running into this guy and his gf (who got all stoked on my westwood boots) at whole foods, we came home to find this amazing film, Regular Lovers, i saw last year in my mailbox from netflix.

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I used to LOVE Samhain - November's Coming Fire was always on my turntable as a youth. Ah, happy days. I was lucky enough to see Danzig many many years ago, when they did their first tour. Glenn just ROCKED!! That voice...infact I have the Misfits on constant rotation on my iPod.
Sorry, slight diversion there...
Great watch.
Love both the watch and the cardigan. The cardi is expecially great cuz it doens't seem to have those bulky square pockets like so many do.
Someone in Texas this summer recommended me that movie. It's in my Netflix queue #234 so hopefully i get there before this year's end.
move it up on yr netflix!! it's the same director who did The Dreamers and i don't know anyone who didn't absolutely love that movie..
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