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they tap their toes but they don't get sweaty

Anna Joy was the singer of the first punk bands record i ever bought, Blatz. she became one of my main influences whilst growing up and at one point i was dating a very well known writer friend of hers from SF and on one stretch of time when we weren't on tour, she ended up coming down to visit on vacation from her new gig teaching feminism in RI. one night in the kitchen while i washed the dishes and Aaron sorted through his mail, someone put on a Jawbreaker tape and we all shared lots of amazing stories. my favorite story was Anna was hitchhiking in LA to get back to Oakland and Exene Cervenka pulled over and picked her up. X being one of my favorite bands ever (and hers) it was amazing to hear the story, so i could only imagine how stoked she was when she realized who had just offered her a lift.


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