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you introduced me to my mind and left me wanting you and your kind

i'm excited for my boyfriends birthday. i've already bought him a snake skin leather looking guitar case with gold hardware & a pair of red wing boots for work. i've already given him both (his bday isn't until nov 12th) because i can't keep a secret. now i'm going to get him these John Varvatos converse and a pair of braces.

because his plain converse are shredded and he wears regular suspenders pretty often and then last night we were still out shopping late and he picked a pair of skinny suspenders (aka braces) and remarked that he really like the look of them on. so i'm more than pleased to pick them up and definitely surprise him this go around.

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You're a nice girlfriend! Now if we can just get him to buy you some Wendy Brandes jewelry, we'll know that he's a great boyfriend as well ;-)
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