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all's well, and thirty years could be a thousand

In other exciting news, my good friend Andreas' company is going big again and premiering with his film festival on December 1st. If you live in San Francisco you cannot miss this. They are having a show afterwards that Hightower (!!!!!) & Thee Ohsees are playing and if you go see the films (which are all original films made by skateboarders, which is the criteria to get shown) then seeing the bands afterwards at the party is free! Andreas has also assured me that if you're in SF, he knows for a fact that there's nothing else going on that night, so you really should come out. Also, Adidas is being awesome as fuck and basically backing them in going on tour all year with this and I'm excited for him to come visit. Also, all you aussies that check the blog, he'll be over in Melbourne (staying on Andy's couch?) in March or April with the films (and also riding motos across Tasmania). You can see all the current tour dates here.

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an early taste of death is not necessarily a bad thing

We had our first thanksgiving together (last year was too early to have a full on sit down with the family), wherein my boyfriend deep fried duck and I made sweet potato fries.

Last month I saw this frame in his parents garage that I knew would look great if we fixed it up, so we took the frame, sray painted it matte pink and then ended up with a free mirror that just happened to be the exact cut we needed! Then last week, the boy sneakily put it up above our bed while I was at work. Size-wise, it is even with our queen bed and is huge!

Then this week we had band practice and recorded some songs, he played his telecaster which is an amazing guitar. Somewhere in between all of this, I pretended to be a rich girl with a bunny fur coat, Chanel bag and diamond earrings.

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you needn't carry me anymore with you cleopatra movie star tricks

So we ventured out yesterday to shop and to possibly purchase the gold brogues I had been eyeing for two months at Urban. Upon picking them up, I noticed the tag on the bottom & to my delight and utter excitement, they had been marked down from $68 to $10!!! They also had my size which I believe was total luck. I am very stoked on Urban right now for a number of reasons but one would be that I'm going to be blogging on their web site about some of my favorite things and lots of new & exciting designers/bands/companies/etcetera etcetera! So keep an eye out there for sure.

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breaking something's all we ever do

I don't really know any women who are not in love with Charlotte Gainsbourg and when she released her first album in ten years, 5:55, I was more than pleased once I heard it. (and yes, I'm also excited for her to guest edit the new issue of French Vogue!)

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no bark and even less bite

So even though I'm going there tomorrow, I bought a couple things from Forever 21 today online. This is rare because they usually never have anything I can't really live without and I knew I had to buy this stuff now cause it will disappear this week and will definitely not be in the store tomorrow.

so here are my little purchases, a strawberry necklace for $6 (I am basically obsessed with everything tasting like strawberry's and thanks to teen spirit, I even smell like them. obsessed.) a pair of plain black oxfords for $19 (it's rare they even have my size so I had to get them) and then this epic rip of a Chanel watch at $17 (that I can totally alternate with MJ watch).


rock 'n' roll ain't worth the name if it don't make you strut


because it's not like you have anything better to do

& if you see Cali, give him a giant kiss for me..


the whole process is more shy than vulnerable

this Julian Red t-shirt looks so comfortable, it is extra long and will probably look completely amazing with just a pair of black denim jeans and those Repetto gold boots I've been dreaming about. The only thing is, I'm getting a Row t-shirt (right) vibe from this and as it is retailing for $146, I think I'd be hard pressed to not just buy the Row shirt instead.


nobody has soul enough to overcome nerves

I'm a huge Dylan fan and every so often I'll scour ebay for old t-shirts, similar to the one Chan is wearing above (shitty photo taken with my iphone cam from a mag). I saw one like six months ago that was great and vintage but also $150 (which I wasn't really prepared to pay) and size XL. Thinking back on it now, I kind of wish I had bought it (& sewn it smaller) because there hasn't been one like it on ebay ever since. However, on a recent search I came across this homemade (and nicely done) Dylan shirt which I'm now considering picking up. I don't really like showing off names/brands on my clothing, so I'm thinking this would be kind of perfect and for just $12 it is so worth it.

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we are betting on the miracle again

The funniest thing about this Pleasure Principle shirt, and you'd really have to be into some next level punk shit to remember them, is that it's actually an album cover from my old friend Iggy's band Chickenhead that they just put their name beneath. It's on sale right for $46 and is definitely something I'd say if Iggy Scam ever saw, he'd not only wear it everyday but probably claim biggest & best scam ever.


there is always somebody to chop wood for you

Super exciting news, Scott Biram just so happens to be playing a bar about two blocks from mine in a few months and I am working on getting him in a few nights at ours. So fucking stoked on this.


you can end safe but you can't start safe

Repetto have really been doing it for me lately. I am currently considering buying this pair of gold ankle boots and not only do they have them in my size but they are also on sale for $224! These also show up on the tail end of seeing Alison run a pair and make them look gnar as fuck.

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you can deliberately try to be bad, most do it without even trying

So I'm seriously considering buying this Ksubi dress. Yeah so I wear the t-shirt [of the same saying] a lot too but I can picture all the ways I could run this knit dress.. and for just about $200 it would definitely rival the t-shirt as far as what I want to throw on each day (and would go swimmingly with those Repetto heels I mentioned a few posts ago.) BTW when I mentioned bought the Ksubi t-shirt I mentioned how I wish they had Mahler on there also but in Sabbath font. Well it turns out that the leggings they had printed did happen to feature him in a Misfits font! Leggings aren't really my thing but you can buy them for $150.



gonna make your toenails curl

These shoes Bernhard Willhelm are hilarious. They're not as bad as those hideous shoes (examples here & here, i don't know who makes them but please stop) seen on just about everyone right now but they come pretty close. I can't wait to see someone actually running these, especially at $290! I don't know who would actually buy them but if they can make them work, I'd love to see.


a rifle bullet across the page and into shakespeare's grave

New Surface to Air necklaces! They have been killing it lately and these necklaces are spot on. Having been dipped in three colors of rubber, I think the black is my favorite (obvs). They are $168 and are sure to toughen up anything you pair them with (and you also don't have to worry about maybe accidently poking your bf/gf with the cold metal since they're covered). Might pick this up..


listening to shostakovich until 5am

Patrik Rzepski is easily one of my favorite designers and that's why I love this zipper dress so much. The shop is recommending that you wear wear a top when you wear the dress because of how low it falls, apparently putting your goods on display. They also noted the ability of pulling it down & wearing it as a high waisted skirt. (Kind of like the long white tulle skirt they had at Forever 21 for what seemed like weeks, a long time for an item in that store, that I considered buying to pull up over my chest to elope in at a later date.) Anyway for it being an item you can wear a couple different ways, I'd say the cost, $387 is well worth it.


notes from a dirty diary

I absolutely adore these Golden Goose boots!! The quilting is amazing (reminds me of a pair of quilted Chanel boots I still wish I had bought when I saw them) and I can just picture sliding these over my jeans and jumping on the back of a bike (or throwing them on with a gold mini dress and going to see my favorite band play). The leather is made to look antique and the boots are actually handmade which just makes you love them even more. Unfortunately they only have size 37 and at $975 I'm not exactly bummed (thank you for saving me from myself Golden Goose)!

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the critics have me drinking champagne

There is a brand new Kills song out in the airwaves for you to hear! It debuted on the Radio 1 show last night and I've probably listened to it a total of 50 times (you know how it is with new music, you want to notice every little thing about it, thus the continuous plays) and I love it just as much as their older material. Whether or not Jamie dating Kate will have anything to do with their sales skyrocketing will be interesting, but look out for the new album early next year (and lots of press with some brand new KC photos, like the one above). Right now you can hear the new track on their myspace, titled 'U R A Fever'.

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this feeling that i carry for you deep down inside

While you're stuck at home with family for Thanksgiving (unless you're like some friends of mine who will be riding their motos down to Miami) don't miss out on VH1 airing Bob Dylan's Don't Look Back dvd along with tons of other footage, for 24 hours straight. What's funny is the same people who told me about this are the ones taking off on vacation on the bikes therefore tivo'ing the entire thing. This being the first year I will actually be sharing Thanksgiving with my boyfriends family I think this will definitely come in handy to avoid all awkward silences and put me in a great mood all day long.

In other Dylan news, the film I posted the trailer for a while ago, I'm Not There, debuted last week to a very impressed crowd. I cannot wait for it to hit theatres worldwide!

P.S. don't be bummed if you miss out on the 24 hour special, you can get the dvds on netflix (or if you're like me, grab it from the stack of his dvds you already have) and watch it in bed later when your family's not around and you can gush all night to your boyfriend about how much you love Dylan, without sounding like you're cheating on him.

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they will survive as powerful & unhappy neurotics

What's funny to me about this Hermès watch is that it's exactly like the pyramid studded leather bracelets/belts I used to wear when I was younger that I'd either make or pick up from Trash&Vaudeville. I know that everyone has used the pyramid studs [to death?] in a wide variety of products but this one is just amusing because, well, it's Hermès!! You can find the watch at Barneys or straight from the retailer themselves for a cool, these-studs-will-probably-not-rust-like-yours-did $1925


a minor sensibility has taken a gentle hold

Completely obsessed with these Repetto patent heels!! I've been trying to find them all week and have had no luck except Creatures of Comfort who don't carry a 9.5 which I'd need! Just over $300 they are so affordable and perfect because I've been looking for a great pair of heels lately. I am excitied for the moment I actually find them.


even death will have exits like a dark theatre

Upon first sight, this Margiela skirt/leggings combo looks quite silly. Then you see that it also will ring you up $1100.. but then you spy the photo of it actually on someone and it looks marvelous, you rack your brain thinking what shoes you'd wear with it and start to consider dropping last weeks pay on the item.

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after the cock gets swallowed, the heart follows

In other news, I caught my boyfriend checking out round trip tickets to Paris !!!
So I'll be saving all my money from here on out to do some serious shopping then.. Right... Yeah..


a whirlwind that cuts to the bone

The Prada bag that I've been basically stalking at Neiman's for months has made it's way to Blue Fly.

Once the woman at the shop admitted to seeing us there more than once (almost weekly) I asked the price, which was a pout inducing $2680. I haven't really visited the bag since cause you know it's just wrong when you're considering paying the bag off over a few months on a credit card. (Although an amusing story is my friend Zara came with me once and after applying some nail polish, opened the buckles on the bag to look inside, leaving bright pink polish haphazardly on the gold hardware!) I've basically gotten over it.. until Blue Fly goes and puts it online for $2144! Which is obviously not a deal at 20% off but it's still something, right?! I'll stick to my Zara bag and be happy.



slick and smooth i'm bound to improve your mood

so Vans has teamed up with the shop Proper in Long Beach, CA for 3 pairs of Sk8-Hi sneakers done in satin (at least the sides & tongue are satin)! i'm so glad they did one in purple! they should be released in the very near future so keep your eyes peeled as they're only going to be available at the store and (hopefully?!) online. the price is $85 which is really only like $20 more than the usual pair so i'm glad they didn't get craze with the pricing, my Luella Vans weren't that outrageous either.

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we took mescaline and took the ferry to the island

before we went out to dinner tonight, we stopped by Target just to see if perhaps they released the Erin Fetherston line early and to my delight (my boyfriend said i had stars in my eyes) they had! i tried on nearly every piece and decided upon the Chiffon Bunny Print Dress seen below.

i'm going to go back for the cute black trousers with heart pockets because we were sort of in a hurry now that i was desperate to run home and throw a whole different outfit on for dinner. my boyfriend was only too happy to drive us back to the house, where i quickly threw on my new dress, pink tights, leather jacket and westwood boots and dashed out of the house. i love this dress sooo much and i'm so happy Target made the mistake of releasing the collection early! i am just waiting for them to put the heart bags online (they weren't at the store)!


and everything is exaggerated

great shirt from Four Star with a portrait of the Gonz. at $21 it is a fun shirt, something that you would expect someone to make of themselves and so it should be interesting to wear to see who recognizes him. i've bought so much Krooked/FS gear for my brother over the years and always love the designs (the street pirate is an all time favorite).


trudging slowly over wet sand

very excited for this pairing. i've surfed most of my life and grew up on the beach and i can't wait to see what Luella comes up with for O'Neill for their next season. i want Luella board shorts so badly!


private hells made public often puzzle the readers

looking at new collections on the runway is like seeing your favorite band (you love everything about it). the artist Jarno Kettunen has made me love the runway even more with his whimsical drawings. you can see more of his work here.


as we walk our faces through spiderwebs

speaking of spikes, my love of black metal culture may be what's got me so interested in these Christian Louboutin over the knee boots (they remind me of gauntlets but, you know, for your legs).

a few weeks ago i tried them on over my jeans and really shouldn't have because they're so outrageous that if i thought spending a couple grand ($2350 to be exact) was a good idea, i'd probably buy them.. the ankle boot version are also cute and slighlty more affordable at $1150.


steal our style and sell it back as the hot new trend

so even though pyramid spikes have been so overused, i adore this Burberry bag! i first saw it in their window while my boyfriend and i strolled along shopping one day. i grew up with punks whose jackets were covered in these spikes and wore a good amount of them myself. unfortunately, this bag which was not constructed by crust punks drunk on night train and retails for $2,995 and i don't think i'll be shelling that out anytime soon if it's not for the gold dust woman bike that max thought up.

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and we'll unload into their heads

ah this D&G tank is silly as fuck..... did they seriously take an ad (a Yamaha ad no less!) from an old Easy Rider and screen it on tanks and really decide to sell them for $125?? why not make a vest with club patches and sell it to the same fucks who'll buy this shirt..


songs such as no radio plays

as stoked as i am on my cheap leather jacket from F21, i absolutely love this Grai vest that Queen Marie posted on Kingdom of Style. at $644 it is about the price of what you'd pay for the perfect leather coat (or vest in this case) but i don't think i'll be shelling my dollars out even despite how much i'd like to wear this while riding motos.


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