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all's well, and thirty years could be a thousand

In other exciting news, my good friend Andreas' company is going big again and premiering with his film festival on December 1st. If you live in San Francisco you cannot miss this. They are having a show afterwards that Hightower (!!!!!) & Thee Ohsees are playing and if you go see the films (which are all original films made by skateboarders, which is the criteria to get shown) then seeing the bands afterwards at the party is free! Andreas has also assured me that if you're in SF, he knows for a fact that there's nothing else going on that night, so you really should come out. Also, Adidas is being awesome as fuck and basically backing them in going on tour all year with this and I'm excited for him to come visit. Also, all you aussies that check the blog, he'll be over in Melbourne (staying on Andy's couch?) in March or April with the films (and also riding motos across Tasmania). You can see all the current tour dates here.

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