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an early taste of death is not necessarily a bad thing

We had our first thanksgiving together (last year was too early to have a full on sit down with the family), wherein my boyfriend deep fried duck and I made sweet potato fries.

Last month I saw this frame in his parents garage that I knew would look great if we fixed it up, so we took the frame, sray painted it matte pink and then ended up with a free mirror that just happened to be the exact cut we needed! Then last week, the boy sneakily put it up above our bed while I was at work. Size-wise, it is even with our queen bed and is huge!

Then this week we had band practice and recorded some songs, he played his telecaster which is an amazing guitar. Somewhere in between all of this, I pretended to be a rich girl with a bunny fur coat, Chanel bag and diamond earrings.

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