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the irresponsible and negative desire to at least not be like them

dropped by American Apparel the other day to check out some deep v-neck shirts (they only had the fuschia left in XL and they're not on the web site!! so bummed.) and these thigh high pink socks similar to the ones i spotted on the Westwood runway in september. and it just so happens they have a new pair of lame leggings that are high-waisted and come in the pattern of 'black eel' which looks completely amazing.

i'll probably go back for them but we had a weird experience at the shop (go figure right?). basically, it's no secret that my boyfriend and i look good. i don't have a big head about it, we just have our own style/don't look like anyone else and we are constantly told this by random people and get the "are you in a band, you look like rockstars, are you famous" thing all the time. so whatever. we sauntered up to the AA store and immediately the sales guy is staring at us, i was thinking he thought we were going to shoplift but then he comes over and as cordial as possible asks if we need any help and then totally fans out and asks if we're in AFI. we both start laughing and i'm like "ummm no." he says he doesn't believe us and asks if we're sure. i say "well maybe we are and we're just lying to you" and he was all stoked and walked off to his other co-workers pointing out who he thought we were. we spent about 5 minutes laughing about it and then left, with a hefty goodbye from all the employees. hahahahaha i don't know what the guys in AFI look like except their singer used to wanna look like Danzig but it amused us to no end.

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