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like eating cold olives at 3am with half the town on fire

my friend Gabe has been in some phenomenal bands over the last 10 years. he now has a new band, Jail Weddings, that i've yet to see live (but i have been called from practice while Gabe sets his phone down for me to listen) however i can attest they are nothing but the best. I've known Gabe a long time and he's always had this idea in his head for a death doo wop band and i'm glad it was finally able to materialize into a 10 piece band. Look out for them as they will be hitting the road soon and staying a few weeks in each city, garnering a residency at a local bar and then moving on to the next town over the course of the next two years. i'm excited for him to visit and to gain the biggest following possible.


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