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nobody has soul enough to overcome nerves

I'm a huge Dylan fan and every so often I'll scour ebay for old t-shirts, similar to the one Chan is wearing above (shitty photo taken with my iphone cam from a mag). I saw one like six months ago that was great and vintage but also $150 (which I wasn't really prepared to pay) and size XL. Thinking back on it now, I kind of wish I had bought it (& sewn it smaller) because there hasn't been one like it on ebay ever since. However, on a recent search I came across this homemade (and nicely done) Dylan shirt which I'm now considering picking up. I don't really like showing off names/brands on my clothing, so I'm thinking this would be kind of perfect and for just $12 it is so worth it.

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This one is great. Get it.
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