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this feeling that i carry for you deep down inside

While you're stuck at home with family for Thanksgiving (unless you're like some friends of mine who will be riding their motos down to Miami) don't miss out on VH1 airing Bob Dylan's Don't Look Back dvd along with tons of other footage, for 24 hours straight. What's funny is the same people who told me about this are the ones taking off on vacation on the bikes therefore tivo'ing the entire thing. This being the first year I will actually be sharing Thanksgiving with my boyfriends family I think this will definitely come in handy to avoid all awkward silences and put me in a great mood all day long.

In other Dylan news, the film I posted the trailer for a while ago, I'm Not There, debuted last week to a very impressed crowd. I cannot wait for it to hit theatres worldwide!

P.S. don't be bummed if you miss out on the 24 hour special, you can get the dvds on netflix (or if you're like me, grab it from the stack of his dvds you already have) and watch it in bed later when your family's not around and you can gush all night to your boyfriend about how much you love Dylan, without sounding like you're cheating on him.

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