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a whirlwind that cuts to the bone

The Prada bag that I've been basically stalking at Neiman's for months has made it's way to Blue Fly.

Once the woman at the shop admitted to seeing us there more than once (almost weekly) I asked the price, which was a pout inducing $2680. I haven't really visited the bag since cause you know it's just wrong when you're considering paying the bag off over a few months on a credit card. (Although an amusing story is my friend Zara came with me once and after applying some nail polish, opened the buckles on the bag to look inside, leaving bright pink polish haphazardly on the gold hardware!) I've basically gotten over it.. until Blue Fly goes and puts it online for $2144! Which is obviously not a deal at 20% off but it's still something, right?! I'll stick to my Zara bag and be happy.


re: wendys comment on the last prada post.
at the time it was just the white bag. they have since put the black & brown bags online. i didn't want to sound like i had missed something that was pointed out to me months ago!
You know how I love those ruched bags! That isn't a very big discount at all. I guess at least they didn't mark it up, but it's still a big "thanks for nothing."
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