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the race of the engine that overrules your heart

Here's hoping the goddamn cold weather returns tonight. I wrote out a top ten for 2007 list for my friend Cali but I don't really feel like posting it here so instead you get to see another photo of my fiance, who tops my list at #1 for 2007.



baby, don't you holler, darling don't you bawl and shout

It'd be hard to pick thee best scene from Wild at Heart but this has definitely got to be one of my favorites.

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your guise has filled my nights with fear

I know I talk about expensive lingerie a LOT but I know not everyone can really spend that kind of money so if you don't really want to drop the $375 on this adorable Kiki De Montparnasse babydoll top, Urban just so happens to have this top that I almost bought last time I was in the shop for just $32!

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she shoots up in the neck

I'll take a better photo later but here is my ring! Well there's two of them actually. I am borrowing my old man's camera, and as you can see, the fish eye lens I got him for xmas is amazing & was apparently "the best present ever." So was mine.


skatin and satan go hand in hoof

My friend Andreas has made quite possibly the funniest video I've seen in ages. You'll get it once you watch it. Stepping off the boards like bikes has to be the funniest thing ever. It would be so amazing if this caught on.

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i came to a high place of darkness and light

As my obsession with lots of things gradient, I show you these lovely Anntian gradient tights. At $98 they are on the steep side price-wise, but I bet would look amazing on thus making it worth the price, right?


if the clouds don't drop and the train don't stop

My friend Aramis is having his first solo show in miami next month. As my stats tell me a lot of people from Miami check the blog, you should all definitely check out his show as his work is amazing. To see it in real life is incredible but you can also see more of his paintings here. Also please note the name of the show being Moz lyrics. So proud of my friend.


i wasn't born to lose you

I've never given much thought to my wedding day. I guess some girls really do dream of the day but I was never one of them. Despite all of that, I am extremely excited. I've been looking at dresses for a few months now and while I don't think wearing white makes a difference, I am totally in love with this Kiki De Montparnasse racer back dress. It's totally my style and a hell of a lot cheaper than the Chanel & McQueen dresses I've been eying. (Although I'm going to see about registering at said boutiques for a build up of $ towards a very nice wedding gift.)

I'll give details on the on one knee in front of my whole family proposal he did & post a photo of the rings later (it's a set of 2). We were under the assumption I wore a size 6 but being that I have very skinny and long fingers it was ready to slide right off my hand! We took the rings to a jeweler today and he resized them to the alarming ring size of 4 1/4! He also kept remarking how tiny my hands were, which is something my friends remind me of very often calling me skeletal. (Not to mention that a few years ago I shattered my right wrist ((whiskey and skateboarding)) thus making my arm even skinnier!)



so all you newsy people, spread the news around

holy shit.

I got engaged!


where the fuck did all the good times go?

Remember in Almost Famous when they realize they're on the cover of the new Rolling Stone and then all start singing along to the Dr. Hook 'Cover of the Rolling Stone' song? This is way better than that.


a beam of light in total darkness

Also very pleased to announce I received a copy of the book my friend Max wrote that I have mentioned before. It is finally available and well worth the $26. I read a little at work today before I bailed and I really don't want to finish it too soon because I'm sure I'll be ringing Max for even more stories once I'm finished. Pick it up, I promise you'll dig it.

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the death hostess had conjured herself out of gloom

On the upside of things, I got my satin Vans which I'm incredibly stoked on.

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you can say i was on anything but a roll

Exactly what I'm talking about.

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wouldn't know the difference between a real blonde and a fake

Couldn't sleep last night for a while once I got the news and ended up watching one of my favorite documentary's on Haute Couture that someone so courteously put on youtube, 6 videos at 10 minutes each. The above video is the first meeting with Daphne Guinness who I totally adore, not only is her personal style beyond amazing but I love her reactions to status items (once a celebrity wears it, as most people drool over it and want to emulate that person, Daphne dons the look dead and thus something she'd never want to wear, because it's already been done. Her thoughts on It handbangs are also a favorite of mine).

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i don't build up illusion 'till it makes me sick

Having a really weird time right now as one of my friends & co-workers from the bar just died and it couldn't have happened to a more epic dude. Kind of unreal and it should make the xmas party really fucking awkward if it still happens.
Anyway, the photos above are some of my favorites from the walls of the bar that have easily been there since 1980 (that's a lot of dust you see). The walls are covered with tons of photos like this and there is a whole wall covered in phots of old employees who've now passed away and my friends photo will go up there now and I can't imagine the bar without him.


that place where the bones of life are piled

I passed on a pair of the waxed jeans at Zara last week but it seems Urban now has a pair of coated black jeans from Lux that are amazingly only $68! Probably going to pick these up!



my dreams are beyond control

Very excited to say I got the purple satin Proper Vans I've been talking about non-stop!! I paid a little bit more for them than I would normally but once I saw them I knew had to have them.

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blood dryin' in my yellow hair as i go from shore to shore

Great video from the Chanel pre-fall show in London. (No footage of Irina singing though.) Also, I am glad to hear that my first thoughts of the models looking like Brigitte Bardot were spot on as Karl describes Amy Winehouse as sort of being the current Bardot.



i get down with two bottles in one hand

My boyfriend's gonna dig this and if yours is remotely cool he will too, so if you're not sure what to get your old man (or your best friend or whatever, or fuckin get it for yourself if you ain't got no crush) for Xmas.. Vice has finally released a collection comprised of some of the best photos that have appeared in the mag over the last 13 years with The Vice Photo Book (inventive title huh?). Also including in depth interviews with lots of the epic photographers whose work you've probably been stoked on since they first appeared in the mag, it also has loads of the fashion spreads they've done over the years and we all know how amazing those are. The cover alone is pretty much featuring some of my favorites! (Remember the Halloween issue two years ago with the sleep away camp-esque girls getting attacked & showcasing some of my favorite lingerie at the same time?) By no means should you wait on this book. You can find it for $45 and really it's the perfect time to buy it because no doubt will someone be super stoked on you for giving such an amazing gift.


he's tall, dark and handsome, and you're holding his hand

My boyfriend is actually watching Born To Boogie as I type this and I remembered I wanted to post this fuckin' T.Rex gem. I suggest you get the dvd on netflix cause it's totally amazing. Time for a drink..


so darlin', i'm countin' on you

Luckily before I dropped the cash on those Acne jeans, which I'm sure are great, I stopped into the Vans store to pick up new laces for my Supra skytops (needed black laces for sure) and just so happens they have a new pair of black skinny jeans that are like completely perfect and at $54 they were also a total deal (especially as I was ready to drop serious cash on a pair of black jeans that I hoped would be perfect). They look kinda weirdly baggy in the above photos but they're really not like that, they're actually good and stretchy, like perfect jeans to skate in (appropriately) and run around in for days on end (cause I have and I will be). As if it were possible for me to like Vans anymore than I already did..

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with her fog, her amphetamine and her pearls

So the woman I picked off Face Hunter and wrote about being completely epic looking was featured in the latest issue of Jalouse magazine! With her big over exaggerated pompadour and shiny shoes, she is apparently the singer (big surprise!) of the band Sister and her name is Gemma Banks. If you pick up the mag you can see how amazing she looks in the editorial (unless someone really wants me to take phots of it) but if you check out the rest of their songs (Hey Hey It's Alright is my fav) you can also see lots of photos that prove maybe she does rock that teddy boy look all the time which is so gnar. Is she the new Amy Winehouse (hair-wise)? She'll probably be the next big thing as it seems they've already got a pretty good following already, Jalouse obviously dig her and well who's going to miss that hair?

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tonight as i stand inside the rain

fashion addicts beware


found a promoter who nearly fell off the floor

Can we talk about how amazing Jen Brill looked photographed on the Sartorialist? Those YSL heels and that coat are completely amazing! Those jeans are perfect and are totally bringing it from a night out look to an incredible if you don't know her you'd surely wish you did, thrown together at 7am look. Because really, she needn't try hard to look this good.

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if i had my way i'd sell it right back

I've totally done the leather headband look and while all the bikers at work would tell me I remind them of the girls from when they were my age, all rocker hippie drug addled sex maniacs (I'll admit I'm no hippie) but as much as I enjoyed bringing back these amazing memories for them, after a while I just stopped wearing it altogether. A few months later during ss08 fashion week I spied this woman at the Sue Stemp show and loved her braided leather headband. Fast forward a few more months and Urban totally has a braided headband! I tried it on in the shop and I really think someone stretched it out with their big head because mine is small and unfortunately it just feel below my bangs and into my face. Maybe this is a good thing and my headband ship has sailed? Who knows but perhaps once it goes on sale I'll pick it up and see if I can't sew it smaller.

she looked like she stepped out of la dolce vita

It's no secret how much I adore Kiki De Montparnasse and I've had my eye on this t-shirt for a bit and this evening I was delighted to find that it's now on sale! Yay! (and the patent leather suspenders are too!!) So this shirt paired with these Acne jeans I'm ordering and my moto jacket and westwood pirate boots means I am planning thee most epic New Years outfit!!

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i'll take all the smog in cal-i-for-ne-ay

Yeah so I'm totally stoked on these Supra's. At first I thought they were a little too bulky for me but being the only pair I have like this, I'm going with it. Wore them out yesterday and got like a ridiculous amount of compliments which is pretty funny. I was curious at first how they should be laced properly and looked up Samantha Ronson cause I know she's a big fan and found that she designed her own pair (that I have to say I love)..

Anyway, figured out the best way to lace them and also realized they are basically almost sold out and were kinda limited and I guess if I am over them soon (doubtful) I can probably fetch a good amount for them on ebay! Alright so I totally made an investment!

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eye for eye and tooth for tooth

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where you been don't bother me nor bring me down in sorrow

Totally into this Chloe sequin t-shirt. While sequins are huge all over and everyone has copied Julia Restoin's racerback sequin dress, this t-shirt is way more my style. At $224 it is actually on sale and, well, I can't post the link in case I decide to buy it!

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i was born at the bottom of a wishing well

Well Vans obviously heard I hung mine up (or, well, put them back in their box) for a minute and decided to come out with a pair of gold shoes. Unfortunately they are not perforated which is why I'm so obsessed with my new Supra sneaks. Photos of them later but if you're interested in these Vans, (if you can find them) they're about $150.

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with bloodshot eyes and gritting teeth

New issue of the Journal out in a week. Keep your eyes peeled.



let me follow you down

Got to hear the new Kills album tonight and am stoked to annouce it's amazing. This is the video for the song "U R A Fever" that is their first released track.

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in the half light of some 4am

Accessory wise regarding the Chanel pre-fall, I love the eyeliner and hair (ala winehouse..) and the tiny pony tails! I think I might try this look out tonight. I am also totally into this new bag that took the ankle purse and put a number of them on the front of this exquisite quilted bag. I can list all the little things I keep in my bag that I would totally keep in each one of those tiny pouches.


i really like this jacket but the sleeves are much too long

Sifting through the bookmarks I've made over the last week, I finally got to the pre-fall Chanel show held on Dec 7th.

I love the silk trousers but if you don't think you can afford to pick a pair up, you can always grab up those Cheap Monday satin pants to achieve the same look. The woman on the right is also totally wearing a top that I can only imagine was inspired by something Ann Demeulemeester has already done. The shimmery leggings as pants are great and the long coat is amazing. I'm also in love with the very fun, semi-bondage party dress that I can already picture wearing a couple different ways. Overall the collection was wonderful and the men dressed as Karl were very amusing.

Irina & Sean Lennon preformed and I've been waiting to hear her actually sing and judging by the photos she resembles a skinnier and much more pale Kate Bush. I'm sure video with surface of the performance soon but once you go through the Chanel collection, go back and check out all the stills of Irina rocking out.


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