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germ free adolescents

I don't know the kids behind Obesity & Speed but I think we'd either be good friends or totally not get along. Why? Well they keep ripping their designs from my favorite bands which would lead me to believe they're epic crust punks or they're just rich kids who would never listen to darkthrone but have no problem copying them. Either way, I'm into their clothes. Remember seeing everyone wearing the crimson ghost (misfits skull) ala lace on shirts & bags? That was theirs and now they're back with a whole new collection. At $75 per shirt it's a little pricey and I can't help but want to pull my old crust punk shirts from boxes and achieve the same effect. (Oh and please note Poly Styrene from X Ray Spex on the wasted youth shirt!!)

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Recognized Poly right away; that's the best shirt in the bunch. Glad to see that Poly is still an icon after all these years.
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