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i don't know if i'm smart but i think i can see when someone is pullin' the wool over me

I basically live in Cheap Monday jeans. The price is great and the fit is my favorite. So that's why this new pair is kinda funny to me. I've never understood paying for ripped jeans. I always wore jeans for so long that they ripped naturally and couldn't see actually paying for this process. So these are "homemade" and the price is then raised from the usual $65 to $135.. price-wise, I'll hold out for the pvc pants.


If someone doesn't rip their own fucking jeans by wearing them, they're a pussy anyway. Reminds me of that Andrew WK quote about how if you do anything in life full-bore you'e going to get wet. How early noughties.
fuck yeah lola. i like your attitude!
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