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i really like this jacket but the sleeves are much too long

Sifting through the bookmarks I've made over the last week, I finally got to the pre-fall Chanel show held on Dec 7th.

I love the silk trousers but if you don't think you can afford to pick a pair up, you can always grab up those Cheap Monday satin pants to achieve the same look. The woman on the right is also totally wearing a top that I can only imagine was inspired by something Ann Demeulemeester has already done. The shimmery leggings as pants are great and the long coat is amazing. I'm also in love with the very fun, semi-bondage party dress that I can already picture wearing a couple different ways. Overall the collection was wonderful and the men dressed as Karl were very amusing.

Irina & Sean Lennon preformed and I've been waiting to hear her actually sing and judging by the photos she resembles a skinnier and much more pale Kate Bush. I'm sure video with surface of the performance soon but once you go through the Chanel collection, go back and check out all the stills of Irina rocking out.


This is sort of an unrelated question, but I'm wondering how to wear these boots. They're baggier than they look in the picture. If you have any ideas, please help me out. thanks.
Those boots are great and could work numerous ways. I have a similar pair which I wear over jeans sometimes (and since you say yours are baggy then you could totally do this too.) I'd say if you were wearing them out for the night, a pair of thigh highs (like these from AA and a mini skirt (or shorts (these acne shorts are so perfect it's unbelievable or you could throw on a dress similar to this Luella ( and the boots alone and obviously be the attention grabber all night long. They're also great boots if you meet a dude out that night who has a moto and you won't have to worry about burning your leg on his tailpipe! Hope this helps.
That helps a lot! thanks so much.
oh and almost ideally, this Luella skirt
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