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i wasn't born to lose you

I've never given much thought to my wedding day. I guess some girls really do dream of the day but I was never one of them. Despite all of that, I am extremely excited. I've been looking at dresses for a few months now and while I don't think wearing white makes a difference, I am totally in love with this Kiki De Montparnasse racer back dress. It's totally my style and a hell of a lot cheaper than the Chanel & McQueen dresses I've been eying. (Although I'm going to see about registering at said boutiques for a build up of $ towards a very nice wedding gift.)

I'll give details on the on one knee in front of my whole family proposal he did & post a photo of the rings later (it's a set of 2). We were under the assumption I wore a size 6 but being that I have very skinny and long fingers it was ready to slide right off my hand! We took the rings to a jeweler today and he resized them to the alarming ring size of 4 1/4! He also kept remarking how tiny my hands were, which is something my friends remind me of very often calling me skeletal. (Not to mention that a few years ago I shattered my right wrist ((whiskey and skateboarding)) thus making my arm even skinnier!)


I wear a 4 1/2-5 on my ring finger too!
The dress is a beaut...
wendy- how funny!

susie- i really think that is the one. if the black parts were leather and not satin i'd have bought it already but i still think i'm going to get it regardless. now the shoes to think about...
Stunning dress, congrats on your engagement,...and I love your purple Vans.
Congratulations! That dress is a beauty and seems to jive well with your personality (based on your blog, anyhow).
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