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if i had my way i'd sell it right back

I've totally done the leather headband look and while all the bikers at work would tell me I remind them of the girls from when they were my age, all rocker hippie drug addled sex maniacs (I'll admit I'm no hippie) but as much as I enjoyed bringing back these amazing memories for them, after a while I just stopped wearing it altogether. A few months later during ss08 fashion week I spied this woman at the Sue Stemp show and loved her braided leather headband. Fast forward a few more months and Urban totally has a braided headband! I tried it on in the shop and I really think someone stretched it out with their big head because mine is small and unfortunately it just feel below my bangs and into my face. Maybe this is a good thing and my headband ship has sailed? Who knows but perhaps once it goes on sale I'll pick it up and see if I can't sew it smaller.

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