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is there a hole for me to get sick in?

Thursday night was I lucky enough to finally see the new Dylan movie I've been talking about for a while now and it was amazing. The theater is epic and serves booze throughout the film and we were totally the youngest couple there which amused me and also lead a group of people to ask if we were Dylan fans. Anyway here are a bunch of shots of the film I took with my iphone.

Cate Blanchette was by far the best Dylan.. because she actually looked like him.

Charlotte Gainsbourg had a pretty great role also as someone we're not sure of but I love her, so whatever.

Heath Ledger was kind of a weird Dylan..

..and Michelle Williams was an even weirder choice for Edie.

Whoever that guy is was great and then Christian Bale played Dylan when he found god and did a good job.

David Cross as Ginsberg was so perfect!

and that was my favorite scene.

I wasn't taking photos at first but a young Dylan was played by a little black kid singing all his early stuff and hopping trains and was kind of perfect.

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i hear cate blanchett is amazing in the movie
She sure was. There was a scene I wish I could have caught but it's right before the first time he played electric and they all come out and it shows them all shooting machine guns into the crowd, because that's basically what the feeling was. Amazing.
great post. i totally loved it too. just make sure you have a basic understanding of his life, or you'll get lost. it was almost perfect in every way. charlotte gainsbourg looked beautiful, i wanted every outfit. i think she was representing sara lowndes, jakob dylan's mum.
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