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my dreams are beyond control

Very excited to say I got the purple satin Proper Vans I've been talking about non-stop!! I paid a little bit more for them than I would normally but once I saw them I knew had to have them.

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Those are wild! Great color.
They're amazing.
Argh, if only I weren't like, uh, 40 and didn't have size 10 gunboats.

Hooray for your purchase! Will expect pics on yer feet, soon.
They bear a striking resemblance to the AW07-8 Lanvin menswear satin hightops... I want either those ones or your ones so bad in girl sizes!
Those are my dream Hightops. The purple colour is just so right.
Man, they make me wish I lived in America and not London!
jen where did you ever get thoes shoes from???
Simple story. The day they were released I got a notification from ebay that purple satin Vans had been listed. I checked it out on my phone while I was working and then immediately called my boyfriend and had him buy them for me on the computer at home.
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