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so darlin', i'm countin' on you

Luckily before I dropped the cash on those Acne jeans, which I'm sure are great, I stopped into the Vans store to pick up new laces for my Supra skytops (needed black laces for sure) and just so happens they have a new pair of black skinny jeans that are like completely perfect and at $54 they were also a total deal (especially as I was ready to drop serious cash on a pair of black jeans that I hoped would be perfect). They look kinda weirdly baggy in the above photos but they're really not like that, they're actually good and stretchy, like perfect jeans to skate in (appropriately) and run around in for days on end (cause I have and I will be). As if it were possible for me to like Vans anymore than I already did..

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Looking good.
OH! I spied the window of Juicy Couture the other day and I totally thought of you because they have huge red bows on the chests of the mannequins! I should have shot a photo but I was on my way to Starbucks in a desperate rush.
Might post this on your blog too just in case you don't see it, I thought it would make you laugh. If they're still up I'll take a phot for your blog!
Ha ha! I would love a photo. I guess bows are my new obsession!
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