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with her fog, her amphetamine and her pearls

So the woman I picked off Face Hunter and wrote about being completely epic looking was featured in the latest issue of Jalouse magazine! With her big over exaggerated pompadour and shiny shoes, she is apparently the singer (big surprise!) of the band Sister and her name is Gemma Banks. If you pick up the mag you can see how amazing she looks in the editorial (unless someone really wants me to take phots of it) but if you check out the rest of their songs (Hey Hey It's Alright is my fav) you can also see lots of photos that prove maybe she does rock that teddy boy look all the time which is so gnar. Is she the new Amy Winehouse (hair-wise)? She'll probably be the next big thing as it seems they've already got a pretty good following already, Jalouse obviously dig her and well who's going to miss that hair?

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WOW. Thank you for this amazing tip!!!

I've just listened to "In my darkest hour" which sounds like early Velvets. Her look is incredible. God bless Amy for bringing back the beehive.

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