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oh, this world may lack style, i know

I loved this Lanvin tank when I saw it on Chloe during Fashion Week in September so to my delight I found it at Browns over the weekend. Now if I buy the tank I'll pair it with my black ksubi jeans but it's about what shoes to wear with it. Do I buy those Louboutin studded boots I love so much, now on sale for $1175? or stick to my own Westwood pirate boots... and save the money I could spill on those boots for Paris?

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your brain seems bruised with numb surprise

Zara have done it again. Amazingly after picking up my black quilted ("Balenciaga inspired" I'm sure) bag, I spied this bag in their latest catalog. Well now it's hit ebay, in black, and is an incredible "Burberry inspired" studded black bag. There's no way I will ever pay over a few hundred (if that) for my handbag and so I'm going to have to run out and stop in the store inquiring when this bag will hit the shelves until such time I will be waiting in anticipation. Because what I really need, is another bag, right? Fuck!

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let me sleep all night in your soul kitchen

Excitingly enough, I received the new issue of Nylon that features the Kills on the cover. Now, I've never been excited over Nylon except maybe the first time I found it many years ago, boarding a british airways flight and spying the eye catching cover on my way past a gift shop, stopping to pick up this mag I had never seen before. I liked it for a while but then stopped reading it altogether because they weren't really telling me anything new aside from lots of new bands I did not want to get to know. I kept reading the Face and Jalouse and left it at that.

So why was I excited this time? Besides being very proud of my old friends for grabbing the cover (and appearing in the famed Louboutin spiky boots) and a killer interview? Because somehow it was free! Yes maybe signing up at the Urban Blog (who I, don't forget, write for) for a free subscription actually worked because I can't really explain it any other way and who doesn't like free stuff? Anyway, unfortunately most of the issue was a throw-away but I read the Kills article out loud to my fiancé and even he was stoked on them at the end of it.

Oh and the best part? While they don't usually use stylists, the Nylon team did pick numerous black garments to be worn throughout, most of the clothing is their own (but it would be great if she were able to take the boots home). I found the mag shot on TFS but if anyone wants to read the actual article I can probably photograph it for the blog.


they'll kick you when you're up and knock you when you're down

While the new Cat Power record has been getting mixed reviews, I can safely say I love it. I've said before that I'm glad she's progressing from the old style and getting more bluesy because it really seems to fit her well. The above is her and the amazing Dirty Delta Blues performing the song "Silver Stallion" which appears on Jukebox. Listening to the original and then hearing her cover, you would never guess it was the same song because of how incredibly well she makes it hers and you want to believe it is. Also, the slide guitar on the album, specifically on this song, has to be one of my favorite things about it overall. Her covers are always incredible and I'd actually love to see her do "All Along the Watchtower."


but don't expect the most if you can't take the least

Who might possibly be my favorite person to have a blog ever, Daphne Guinness has a new post up about how she wasn't able to make it to the couture shows but how she and a friend did have a bet to see if she couldn't make something just as amazing as on the runway for under $200. Naturally she pulled if off and with photos to boot. Interesting side note, hearing her talk about Forever 21 and watching her shop at H&M is kind of incredible.

And while the shots do look like paparazzi photos, you can bet that was her judging from the giant patent leather belt and being the only woman to actually pull off the blonde/black hair-do I love so much. The only disappointing part? She didn't actually post the final look! Which you kinda figure would be the point to blogging it but no big deal.


speak in secret alphabets

I thought this Charlotte Ronson top was the cutest piece on the runway from her s/s08 collection and now it seems that Shop Bop is carrying it for $172. Maybe it's because I'm still holding a penchant for the rasberry pink color (of which I really only own a pair of ksubi jeans, a cardigan from urban and juicy shorts) but I'm not sure yet if I want this badly enough to actually pick it up. Unlike those Sam Edelman Balenciaga booties for VS that even though Susie warned me would be uncomfortable, I still tried to buy them but to my complete dismay they've now sold out completely.



motel money murder madness

There is a new A.P.C. collection available and while I adore just about all of it, I love this little leather bracelet the most! (Even though I could probably wrap it around my wrist three times over!) You can find it for $55.



oh trouble can't you see you have made me a wreck now won't you leave me in my misery

Ok so if you haven't seen Harold & Maude this video is going to ruin the ending for you but the Cat Steven's song that plays and the content on screen is easily the most perfect pairing ever.



may the lines sag, may the lines sag heavy and deep tonight

Regardless if you like the collection or not, Chloe Sevs for Opening Ceremony has probably THEE BEST store window I've seen in a long time. I'm sorry but a jean jacket with a Rita Ackermann print of a chick shooting up? Fanzines? Slits t-shirt? Witchcraft books? Etc etc etc. Amazing. This was the complete embodiment of exactly what Chloe meant when she said her inspiration for the line was from when she was a teenager.

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capture your heart and hold it for ransom

Easily one of my favorite places to shop, Kiki De Montparnasse, is having a sale on some amazing things at 75% off! So get to the boutique or their website immediately if you like fancy knickers!



i stood up and walked out of the arms of venus de milo

I am excited for The Kills to be getting much more press than their last records with their newest album, Midnight Boom. Above is another (!) new video for the second single of the record and it is one of my favorites to date, both the art direction and the song!

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to make such a promise and make such a slip

As per usual, Martin Margiela never fails to impress. His couture collection, while it is only 10 looks, is probably the most wearable right off the "runway" than anything else this season. The fake fur stole made up of what looks like beading is incredible and the mesh fishnet dress has to be one of my favorites, next to the Chanel dress of the same ilk. The patchwork jacket is also I've seen a fan favorite, as Diane Pernet has great up close photos of it and for anyone to call this "not couture," (as was done so on TFS) well, I'd like to see them try to make that jacket!

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hot on the heels of love

Karl speaks to Suzy Menkes from IHT on the famed portrait of Coco, which if you've ever watched Signe Chanel you stared at it's quirkiness behind Karl's desk. They go on to discuss his wonderful haute couture collection, with glimpses of the girls all done up in their looks for the runway. Pompadours in for spring!


now you give me no trouble and you give me no help

Remember when I posted about Jen Brill's incredible street style shot? If you do, you also obviously remember the incredible YSL heels she was wearing too. Well add this to their long list of copys, because Forever 21 noticed them also. The above shoes featured above are available on their web site for a cheap $28 and while they will probably fall apart after 4 or 5 wears, you can still try your best to recreate Jen's effortless look with these on your feet.


we were clutching for straws, now we're gonna drink a fifth

I could give fuckall about celebrities but I was weirded out by the news of Heath Ledger cause he just so happens to portray a helpless junkie in one of my favorite (and most watched) movies, Candy. I have a soft spot for movies of this kind from years spent on that side of the camera lens and so Heath od'ing on pills, or whatever it was, was an odd bummer. Also, the barrage of RIP film montages on youtube in the hours upon his death being reported is soo creepy.

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some come off trackin it in, oh what is it, what's the prediction?

As seemingly the only place besides Susie Bubble to get coverage of Boudicca, Diane Pernert took these photos from their Couture collection and as always they delivered another stellar show! I love that first sheer black dress and I'm sorry but isn't the white suit covered in ruffles just incredible??


suddenly my eyes were so soft and shaky

Photos of the full collection Chloe Sevs did with Opening Ceremony are trickling out and things are looking great. Specifically these booties that I'm sure will fly off the shelves. That dress is also something you can perfectly throw on in the morning with (hint hint) those heels and be ready in 5 minutes flat. I guess what we're all wondering is what the prices are going to be like. Even Chloe herself has said she wished they were cheaper, so that the girl she designed them after (herself when she was a teenager growing up in CT) would be able to afford everything. Apparently that is not so with the cost of each piece but I'm sure that won't hinder the sales. Thanks to Elizabeth at WL for scanning these in from the new Teen Vogue.

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it's all like some new kind of drug, my senses are sharp and my hands are like gloves

Love love loved the Givenchy couture collection!!! The tight black/white everything, the leather and buckles on the heels? The wondrous shiny black makeup on the forehead, wondefully slightly hidden by those girls with bangs, making the look even more intriguing. Total amazingness! Chanel did it last year and Givenchy did a marvelous job with it this year. Oh and how did they end the show that I'm sure Daphne Guinness loved just as much as I did? With only the most beautiful [wedding!] dress with amazing high collar in the back sure to be seen on, well, hopefully me!

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i am the stand-off, i see no destructive urges

I talk about Dylan a lot here so it's no secret he's one of my favorites but well so is Roky Erickson. I posted a video before of Roky playing a Dylan song and now I've found another!


i remember the light of darkness doubled

Ok so now that I've perused the Chanel collection for the last hour, these are my two favorite looks.. why can't I just wear each of these when I get married? Click on the photos for a much larger, detailed view.

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i would rather not go back to the old house

First looks from the Chanel couture runway and I'm loving it all!! Karl was apparently inspired by a big book of sea shells this season and you can tell how he carefully carried that inspiration throughout most of all the looks. Devon Aoki was also the bride this season, closing the slow with Karl in tow. Also, a 75 foot replica of the iconic Chanel tweed jacket on the runway!? No big deal.

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i'm not seventeen and going on nowhere fast

Right before I turned 18, I was singing in a punk band that played the closest bar to our house for free beer and whiskey. I was also staying up all night helping my boyfriend correlate his world-renowned fanzine then going for walks at 5am drinking coffee and talking for hours. He introduced me to lots of people (more about that here), one of the best for me was eating spaghetti dinner with Kathleen Hanna (that was a pretty rad thing at that point, she was on her first tour with Le Tigre and we still played Bikini Kill singles in the kitchen), and lots of older dudes doing tons of amazing things. Most of those guys would grow to become my very good friends and play a big influence on me for atleast the next 8 years (that's how long it's been atleast) with music and even just lifestyle choices. I'd say always hanging out with an older crowd did help me get into some amazing music pretty young, where most people were still experimenting with bad hardcore bands and the like. Once my boyfriend played this bands album "Y" for me, I think we played their LP for 3 months straight in our tiny apartment.


triggering every sensor-security light

Still a little undecided on this Cheap Monday chlorine jacket. My CM racer back tank has the same chlorine effect and I love it and would wear it everyday if possible but I'm not as sure on this. I dig the buttoned sash across the front/back and I could imagine pinning little Motorhead & Chanel pins on there and loving it so maybe it could work after all?


let me welcome you to the climate of fear

Couture season means I can get lots of ideas of what I want to wear when we get married. This Dior stunner was just about all I really loved in the collection (the leopard print dress is very nice) and it's obvious why, not only is it purple but it's also got the dip dye effect which I love!
Chanel couture has always been my style anyway so I'll stick to tight + leather + black. Cannot wait to see what Karl shows!!


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