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all i wanna do is get next to you

Martin Margiela produced some great looks, sticking with the pointy shoulders and shades. Some of the coats and pants were a little too fitted (ie: womenswear) but overall this was a stellar collection. I absolutely love dirty white jeans and my boyfriend would pull off the second look so incredibly.

Alexander McQueen bummed me out so I will not be posting anything from his collection.

Dior Homme on the otherhand, stuck with the all black leather-y pvc look and totally had me stoked, with or without Hedi Slimane. There were some unfortunate pieces like the poofy black trousers which I couldn't take my eyes off from pure disgust but I can overlook that for the many tight leather pants.

Lanvin was great and I could go on and on about how wonderful each of those suits would look on my old man but we're all already aware of that, right?

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Yep, your old man would rock these looks.

"Pure disgust." Brilliant. And concise!
Holy a lot of posts in one day! I like the duct tape as fashion look.
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