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and the ship slides open and i go inside of it where i am not human

Now that I finally have a few hours to fuck around on here uninterrupted, I can now cover some of the menswear I've been neglecting over the last week before the couture shows start trickling in. Ann Demeulemeester is obviously one of, it not my favorite designers. Her collections are always in my eyes flawless and she can really do no wrong, as long as she sticks to the RNR aesthetic and I don't think that will ever become an issue so here we go. Viewing all the men, I pictured my fiance in each of the looks to really help me determine what my favorites were. As per usual I loved all the leather and black and this go round, I adore her for the use of purple (my total favorite color), although I don't think my old man would ever wear it (but I'll bet Patti Smith would wear all of it.......). My favorite part of all of this is that she said she was so inspired by Dylan's "Knockin on Heaven's Door" for this collection (LOVE THIS!!!) and then went on to play countless covers of the song by Patti & plenty of others (the song has been covered so much it hurts) throughout the show.

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I love how her aesthetic for both men and womenswear is constant but the seasonal variations can still be felt...
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