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atrociously, the world is landing at my feet

Totally loving Ikea right now. My mom and her husband gave my fiancé and I a $75 gift card to Ikea for xmas and we dropped by the other day to pick up a new dresser to fit all of our clothes are overflowing from the current one we have now. We settled on the 4 drawer piece at $99, passing up the 5 drawers at $150 (that's a hell of a mark up for one drawer but I liked it better) and made our way towards the registers. We've always passed on the "as-is" room and this time we decided to check it out and to my total excitement, found the 5 drawer chest at an amazing $88!! It had scratches on the side and a knick on one drawer (all of which I could really give a shit about) and so we totally scored!

& as you can see, my Betsey Johnson weekender is out again as we're leaving tomorrow night for a little vacation and will be back next week.


I do love that bargain room bit in Ikea...even though Ikea is mostly bargainous anyway...
yeah exactly, plus being a gift card purchase made it even better.
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