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but all bars, pills and threeways lead me back to the beach

So I am now officially blogging for Urban Outfitters blog! Excitingly I was pointed to this post today from my new boss and so, keep checking the blog over there to see what other exciting fashionable things I come across.
Anyway, to reward myself for a job well done, I picked up a bottle of the Chanel blue satin nail polish. I didn't buy into the black satin because there's no way I could wear black on my nails without thinking I looked like a 14 year old goth kid but once I put the blue polish on my nails and my fiance gave his approval of it looking great, I picked it up at once.

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Indeed! You're a star!

Not to mention one of the most original thinkers I've run into out here in the wilds.

I bought Chanel Delice, the transparent beige glittery one, but if I were still your age I'd have bought that blue for sure.
:D awesome jen!
dude suzanna you are the most epic!
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