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from the black screen of my eyelids

Easily the coolest fuckin' video I've seen in a while. I'm a total fan of both of them and seeing Duane Peters get sober is mind blowing. Also, Lemmy helps Cory kick junk & Natasha Lyonne has the most random appearance and is looking good.
Being sober is great but I still dabble here and there. I'm actually looking forward to getting fucking faded this weekend. I'm too responsible these days to really let myself get fucked up anymore which is something I never really thought I'd say, growing up the most self-destructive (drugs & booze, not like cutting myself) teenager you could meet. It's weird cause I don't wanna be so responsible at 25 but I can't help it!


Just think, at least you're avoiding meth face! OMG, I just love saying "meth face."
Sometimes ya gotta blow off a little steam. Just not too much, ya hear????
Had too much fun having fun that I didn't even drink!
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