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i'm not seventeen and going on nowhere fast

Right before I turned 18, I was singing in a punk band that played the closest bar to our house for free beer and whiskey. I was also staying up all night helping my boyfriend correlate his world-renowned fanzine then going for walks at 5am drinking coffee and talking for hours. He introduced me to lots of people (more about that here), one of the best for me was eating spaghetti dinner with Kathleen Hanna (that was a pretty rad thing at that point, she was on her first tour with Le Tigre and we still played Bikini Kill singles in the kitchen), and lots of older dudes doing tons of amazing things. Most of those guys would grow to become my very good friends and play a big influence on me for atleast the next 8 years (that's how long it's been atleast) with music and even just lifestyle choices. I'd say always hanging out with an older crowd did help me get into some amazing music pretty young, where most people were still experimenting with bad hardcore bands and the like. Once my boyfriend played this bands album "Y" for me, I think we played their LP for 3 months straight in our tiny apartment.


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