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let me sleep all night in your soul kitchen

Excitingly enough, I received the new issue of Nylon that features the Kills on the cover. Now, I've never been excited over Nylon except maybe the first time I found it many years ago, boarding a british airways flight and spying the eye catching cover on my way past a gift shop, stopping to pick up this mag I had never seen before. I liked it for a while but then stopped reading it altogether because they weren't really telling me anything new aside from lots of new bands I did not want to get to know. I kept reading the Face and Jalouse and left it at that.

So why was I excited this time? Besides being very proud of my old friends for grabbing the cover (and appearing in the famed Louboutin spiky boots) and a killer interview? Because somehow it was free! Yes maybe signing up at the Urban Blog (who I, don't forget, write for) for a free subscription actually worked because I can't really explain it any other way and who doesn't like free stuff? Anyway, unfortunately most of the issue was a throw-away but I read the Kills article out loud to my fiancé and even he was stoked on them at the end of it.

Oh and the best part? While they don't usually use stylists, the Nylon team did pick numerous black garments to be worn throughout, most of the clothing is their own (but it would be great if she were able to take the boots home). I found the mag shot on TFS but if anyone wants to read the actual article I can probably photograph it for the blog.


You know that green trench that she wears in the shoot? I really loved that. Wish I knew where to get one...or something similar.
Oh the Luella trench! You should be able to find that in forthcoming months.
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