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may the lines sag, may the lines sag heavy and deep tonight

Regardless if you like the collection or not, Chloe Sevs for Opening Ceremony has probably THEE BEST store window I've seen in a long time. I'm sorry but a jean jacket with a Rita Ackermann print of a chick shooting up? Fanzines? Slits t-shirt? Witchcraft books? Etc etc etc. Amazing. This was the complete embodiment of exactly what Chloe meant when she said her inspiration for the line was from when she was a teenager.

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Did she go through the crap I left in my parents' basement or what?!
oh shit...i need to get over there post haste. did you see the boots? how much? my heart is beating fasterrrr....
Must get myself down there on Friday.... when I'm FINALLY in NYC!
Viva La Chloë always!
chloe used to live in that (or a very similar) rita ackermann denim jacket when she worked at liquid sky as a tyke.
That's so great. It's probably the same jacket! She has some much stuff at her house in CT that I think all of the things pictured actually belong to her (her prom photo for example).
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