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now you give me no trouble and you give me no help

Remember when I posted about Jen Brill's incredible street style shot? If you do, you also obviously remember the incredible YSL heels she was wearing too. Well add this to their long list of copys, because Forever 21 noticed them also. The above shoes featured above are available on their web site for a cheap $28 and while they will probably fall apart after 4 or 5 wears, you can still try your best to recreate Jen's effortless look with these on your feet.


Bloody hell! That's one cheap pair of knock off shoes. Forever 21 have got a cheek! LLG xx
Yikes.... that is cheap... I'm wary of that low low low price!
Exactly. It makes you wonder how low they will go just to make a copy that then looks like shit from the get go!
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