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satan got you by the heel, there's a bird's nest in your hair

Incredible stoked on my new Verte bag! I am a big fan of Verte, as it's my friend Tino's (& his brothers) company and I am only too happy to carry around this new bag of theirs made especially for Judi Rosen at The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. I got the pink one and I can't wait to stuff my whole life in this bag. You can find out more about Verte by clicking the big photo link to your right!

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The pink was the better choice of the two. What a fun bag! All the more fun when jammed full of STUFF--in my case, ten lipglosses, a Hawaiian Punch keyring, a bag of cherry menthol coughdrops, another bag of small dog bones, two pairs of broken or breaking sunglasses, a cheap blush I won't mind losing, a WOOD CHIP from my yard and the piece de resistance:

a pecan.
I want to have your imagination and invent such beautiful tittles for my posts...

I agree with Suzanna, love the pink bag!!!
Oooh... I love it... oh dear god... if I got one and wore it with something remotely ethnic-esque...I would be *gasp* going techno-tribe!
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