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talk is cheap and i think i'd like to trade you in

Sure Alexander McQueen made skulls what they are now, and that is made them more acceptable and pretty annoying on the necks of socialites and movie stars. I can't remember the last thing I ever owned with skulls on it except the Pushead shirt one of my boyfriends silkscreened for me and then, yes, another Pushead Septic Death backpatch on my black hoodie, the one my fiance likes me to wear because it's all but fallen apart and looks great. (This is not to say I am not a fan of skulls being worn, dear readers who may be wearing skulls right now, just to say how far they've come.) Anyway there's a new McQueen shirt that once I saw I swear I could have seen somewhere else. That's because it highly resembled the work of one of my favorite artists, Aurel Schmidt. See for yourselves above, while McQueen may not have nearly all the detail that Aurel does, the likeness is still there. And so if you aren't into waiting for someone to put Aurel's work on a t-shirt, you can find the McQueen one for $270.

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That's a pretty skull!
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